PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: ‘Samurai Shin’ #1 by Mikel Miles & Ivan Earl Aguilar

PopCultHQ received a review copy of Samurai Shin #1 from creator Mikel Miles and artist Ivan Earl Aguilar.

Here is a look at Samurai Shin #1…

Samurai Shin – Issue #1

By Mikel Miles, Ivan Aguilar

Amir Atsuko and Keith Masaru are young warriors eager to prove that they are worthy of the title as Samurai. Although the two of them share such similar history and goals, they never have grown a liken to each other. But unnecessary evil appear in the village a man with a bear mask decides to destroy the village.


PopCultHQ’s [Spoiler-Free] Comic Book Review of Samurai Shin #1:

When I received a preview copy of Samurai Shin #1, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I gave it a quick glance before I put it in the To-Do pile and it looked remarkably sharp from a first scan through. I felt a bit of an anime vibe, which has never been my thing, but the samurai aspect intrigued me.

Writer Mikel Miles is beautifully laying the foundation for what could be a saga of epic proportions. A tale of honor, one of tradition, one of family.

What will likely appeal to most who give Samurai Shin a chance is that it is easy to get immersed into the story and into this environment. It’s different from what’s being offered today and that draws your attention. It takes you back to a time, an era even, that is magnificent to behold as it unfolds. A world you want to explore further thanks to the progression of Miles’ storytelling and its massive potential. Throughout my cursory reading, all I could think was, “This guy [Mikel Miles] has an incredibly vivid imagination.”

Artistically, Samurai Shin pops on so many levels. From the sharp, crisp characters, to the optimal coloring for this story, to the panel layout and placement. Ivan Earl Aguilar amplifies the intensity of this tale and capture Miles’ vision. Just as Miles has a vivid imagination, Aguilar is adept in translating those images and bringing the story life. I really like the look and feel of the characters and especially the weaponry (swords, sound effects, etc.). Remember earlier when I said it had an anime feel and that’s not my thing? Ivan’s artwork, with its obvious nods to the genre, has changed my perception. I did not think that was possible. Nicely done, sir.


For a debut issue, Samurai Shin makes a cutting impact. I really feel that Mikel has a massive to story to tell and we’ve only scratched the surface. My only issue, and this is simply me, is the lettering would ever-so-slightly distract me at times. But I’ve read other titles where by issue two or three the lettering either no longer bothered me or I actually like it. This could well be the case here.

The story has a refreshing take on the samurai. The characters are believable and, although young, somehow get you to want to follow along with them. To go on the adventure with them.

The pairing of Miles and Aguilar provided me with an experience that felt like some old Lone Wolf & Cub mixed up with the tale of the Prodigal Son and a spinkle of Frank Miller seasoning. Even the Kanye West college bear-looking mask was pretty sweet. This is a must read and a series to watch!

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars
PCHQ 4.5
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