Last Night on CONAN (11/15): Matt LeBlanc, Anthony Bourdain, Dana Gould

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Monday, November 14th, Conan had actor Matt LeBlanc, chef Anthony Bourdain, and comedian Dana Gould.

CONAN Monologue 11/15/16: Conan jokes about Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, emojis, and more…

Block Out Trump With “She Won” A-Day Vitamins: Does Hillary’s loss have you down in the dumps? Live in blissful denial of President Trump with a simply daily vitamin.

Donald Trump’s New Cabinet Revealed: Getting Steven Seagal, the Spy Kids AND Pepe the Frog in one cabinet was a masterstroke.

 The Wahlburgers Warrior Returns: He’s clad in fur and armor and is attended by faithful eagles, so what show do you think he’d be obsessed with?

 Matt LeBlanc Went 182 MPH In A Porsche Spyder: Matt’s getting ready to travel to Kazakhstan with “Top Gear,” but he doesn’t really know much about that.

 Matt LeBlanc Made A Fool Of Himself On Stage With Taylor Swift: Matt was going for Cool Dad points by goofing around with Taylor, but his daughter thought he was too cheesy.

Anthony Bourdain Is Terrified By Switzerland: Sure they might drink like fishes in Russia, but for Anthony, nothing is more scary than the alpine vistas of Switzerland.

The Saddest Meal Anthony Bourdain Ever Ate: While Anthony cops to an occasional KFC fix, nothing could be worse than his airport meal at Johnny Rockets.

Anthony Bourdain: Don’t Raise Your Kids To Be Foodies: There’s nothing more insufferable than a parent who brags that little Hunter just loves sushi!

Dana Gould Stand-Up 11/15/16: Dana points out, what’s a snake but a rope that hates you?


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