‘The Walking Dead’ Review: 7×04 “Service”

twd1We’re back at Alexandria for episode 4 of “The Walking Dead.” The aftermath of Glenn and Abraham’s death still fresh in the minds of the group, since according to the timeline on the show it happened 3 days ago. Michonne seems to be trying to sharpen her sniper skills but fails miserably. Even so, Michonne is someone who will not sit by as Negan takes control.

Enter Negan and the Saviors. Negan demands to see Maggie and for a brief moment we are led to believe she died from her illness. There are gunshots in the distance and we see Carl threatening a member of the Saviors. Carl says to Negan, “You better leave before you find out how dangerous we are.” Rick’s group wants to fight back, that is except for Rick.

twd2Negan clears the armory, threatening to kill Olivia who is missing 2 handguns. Rick finds the guns under the floorboards of Spencer’s home. This is not the first time we mistrust Spencer.  It’s safe to say he’ll be a liability for Rick.  In a final scene, Michonne returns to Alexandria and Rick convinces her to return the rifle even when it’s not necessary. Why, Rick? Why? Rick does this to gain the trust of Negan and he asks Negan to release Daryl as his prisoner. Not happening. Rick is further emasculated when Negan asks Rick to thank him.

After the Saviors leave, Rick and Michonne are laying out blankets on the floor since the Savior took all the mattresses and beds. In a shocking moment, Rick talks about Shane. He says he knows Judith isn’t his baby but it is his daughter. His actions are to keep her and everyone else alive. As a die-hard Team Shane member, it’s good to see a part of Shane live on! What it reveals about Rick though is that he is willing to be humiliated and mentally beaten so that others can have a life.

At this point, it’s clear that Negan is methodical. He arrives early to collect bounty and says he’ll take what he chooses. He’s pushing Rick to his limits but Rick has yet to take the bait. Has Rick been completely defeated? It sounds like he’s lost all the wind to try to overpower another group. This 90-minute episode was good but it did seem to move slowly.

Overall Rating: C


The Walking Dead returns next week, Sunday, November 20th at 9/8c. Here’s your first look at the return of Jesus and it’s back to Hilltop!

The Walking Dead 7×05 “Go Getters”

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