PopCultHQ Comic Book Review – ‘Jack the Hunted’ #2 from Insane Comics

PopCultHQ received a preview copy of Jack the Hunted #2 from Insane Comics. Available now, the creative team for this new series features writing from Dylan Davison & Jasper Korneitchouk, with art by Renatus.

jack-the-hunted-coverHere is a look at the synopsis of Jack the Hunted #2

After the events of issue one, another victim has brought Mary Kelly and George Abberline closer to Jack. The manhunt continues with more clues and more suspects rising to the surface. Mary finds herself in greater danger than she ever imagined when she tries to uncover Jack’s true identity. Who will be the next victim? Can Jack ever be stopped? Watch your backs as the mystery of Jack The Hunted continues in Chapter 2!


PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:
Jack the Hunted #2

PopCultHQ had the opportunity to review issue one of Jack the Hunted earlier this year and I was sort of on the fence at that time. Well no longer! Jack the Hunted #2 cranks up the Whodunit? story and certainly grabs you.

i2Writers Dylan Davison and Jasper Korneitchouk fill the pages of issue two with a sizable amount of mystery and intrigue. Whereas issue one set the stage with brief touches on what to expect from the series, the latest offers a deeper look into the puzzling murders. Davison and Korneitchouk are brilliantly telling this story of the infamous serial killer from London. We are slowly learning more of Sorores Noctis (which has me curiously excited), another murder leads Scotland Yard to cautiously suspect a serial killer, and both Detective Abberline and Mary Kelly see further depth into their characters.

I really like the character Ludwig. He is certainly an interesting player in this issue. At first, his presence seemed nothing more than a simple interrogation and questioning but later, after revealing his basement of bondage and the fact he “spent some time” with the first victim, you just have to wonder if he could be a suspect ;). But perhaps this is a dummy trail the writers have laid out. Hmmm. Well played, sirs. Well played.

j1I will admit that Renatus’ artwork in this series is growing on me. It actually felt like it helped propel the story which I applaud. Renatus does have a strong grasp of capturing the feel or essence of an environment (not always an easy task). His highlights and accentuations of color so far do give the book some flair.

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

Issue two was a definite improvement from its debut: another murder, a curious (and kinky) suspect, flirting more of the mysterious group Sorores Noctis, and a hack into Scotland Yard with a menacing note from Jack the Ripper himself. Issue two delivered more than enough for me to not only pick up issue three, but anticipate its release.

PopCultHQ’s Rating:

4 out of 5 Stars


You can purchase Jack the Hunted #2 online from Insane Comics either in print format or digital format now! And if your local comic shop doesn’t carry Jack the Hunted, tell them that they need to get Insane!

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Writer – Dylan Davison



Writer – Jasper Korneitchouk



Artist – Renatus




Publisher Insane Comics:





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