Check Out These Hilarious 2017 Calendars

The end of the year is coming up fast which means that you and everyone else is going to need a new calendar. Why not get the jump on your Christmas shopping by picking up a few of these wonderfully odd calendars from Think Geek.

Awkward Family Photos

2017 Awkward Family Photos CalendarThis 16-month calendar is full of hilariously embarrassingly awkward family photos.

Back in the days before digital cameras and phones allowed you to delete the evidence of an awkward photo the instant it was taken, people had to wait until they got their photos back from the developer and gleefully (or nervously) flip through each one to see whether any good photos were taken. More often than not there was at least one photo you wish you could burn (or did burn!). And every once in a while there was that rare but great, super-embarrassing, hilariously awkward photo that summed up all your family’s awkwardness for the ages.

Relive the days of old with the 2017 Awkward Family Photos wall calendar featuring collages of family photos of bad hair, inappropriate poses, odd settings, bad wardrobe choices, and absurd props.


Cat Shaming Calendar

2017 Cat Shaming Daily CalendarThe perfect 2017 calendar for everyone that has ever had or knows someone who has had THAT cat.

Everyone who has a pet (and a lot of people who don’t) have seen some of the hilarious pictures online advertising people’s pets and their bad behavior AKA pet shaming. Owners post photos of their furry loved ones with evidence of their bad behavior. If we are honest with ourselves though, we really should not do this because if there is anyone in the world who has seen us at our worst and still loves us, it’s our pets. But we just can’t help ourselves!

Get a daily dose of hilarious cat-shaming fun with the 2017 Cat Shaming Daily Calendar. Each day features a photo and caption contributed to the popular Tumblr blog.

“I’m Ellie… this morning I stole my mom’s bacon crunch wrap and I have no remorse!!”


Dog Shaming Calendar

2017 Dog Shaming Daily CalendarYou can’t have cats without being equal opportunity and bringing dogs in on the shaming action.

After all who else can carry off guilty and cute at the same time. This 2017 calendar will bring the dog lover in your life a little dog-shaming fun to brighten each day.

Get a laugh as Owners post photos of their furry loved ones with evidence of their bad behavior.

If you love dogs, then you will love this calendar with their adorable guilty looks and hilarious posted signs.

After, all, unlike their feline counterparts, dogs do feel shame.


2017 Cats of 1986 Wall Calendar

2017 Cats of 1986 Wall CalendarThis cringeworthy calendar brings back memories of the ’80s as it depicts cats dressing as they did in the ’80’s (if cats dressed that is). Just imagine Boy George Cat, Madonna Cat, Cindi Lauper Cat…need I say more?

This calendar is perfect for folks who lived through the 80s and love cats. If you still can’t bring yourself to wear blue eyeshadow and you like putting wigs on your pets, this is the calendar for you. Our favorite is February, where we see two preppy kitties in front of a Catari 800 (ignore the fact that it’s an IBM). But we also dig March’s roller rink scene, and the cover of “Tuna Beat.” Fortunately for all involved, it looks like most of these scenarios were Photoshopped


And just to stick with the crazy cat woman theme

2017 Cat Wars Calendar

2017 Cat Wars Wall CalendarIf any animal does, cats certainly know the temptation of the Dark Side. No, guys. We said, “temptation” not “Temptations.” Look, if we give you a treat will you stop with the headbonks so we can write this copy?

As we were saying, felines understand the power of the Dark Side. They push glasses off surfaces to get a reaction. They’re filled with the power of the Force at 3 a.m. which causes them to go on simulated trench runs. They’re tiny little Sith (and Jedi) masters in fur suits. Remind yourself of this on a daily basis with this 2017 Cat Wars Wall Calendar, which features cats with lightsabers. Note: ThinkGeek recommends against giving your own cats lightsabers. Just look at these. Safer that way.