A Look at Last Weekend’s ‘QuakeCon’ – Cosplay and Gaming Pics

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QuakeCon is to many gamers what SDCC is to many cosplayers. It is the ultimate gaming event. For those unfamiliar with it, QuakeCon is a free annual convention, sponsored by id Software, that is held in Dallas, TX, as it was August 4-7th (this past weekend).

photo by Owen O1kenobi Long
photo by Owen O1kenobi Long

Every year, thousands of computer gamers from all over the world converge to compete in world-class gaming tournaments, see the newest and coolest in gaming technology, and to play games. It doesn’t matter if you are hardcore or just play casually, everyone is invited to join in the fun.

Not all the gaming is electronic…

Owen O1kenobi Long (600x400)
photo by Owen O1kenobi Long

But most of it is…

Larry Neocane Gipson-5 (600x378)
photo by Larry Neocane Gipson

There were, of course, vendors and everyone was trying to make a buck…or was that duck?

Owen O1kenobi Long-5 (600x400)
photo by Owen O1kenobi Long
Larry Neocane Gipson-3 (600x354)
photo by Larry Neocane Gipson

And there was cosplay!

And as per tradition with QuakeCon, id & Bethesda are offering some pretty good discounts.  On Steam they are offering 50% off on Fallout 4 and DOOM, with a special Steam controller offer for DOOM, and they also have other offerings. Check out the full sale details here.