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Last Night on Conan: Jim Gaffigan, Julian McMahon, & Wild Belle (6/29)

PopCultHQ brings you the best clips from last night’s Conan broadcast. Here are the best and funniest moments from Wednesday, June 29th…

In Conan’s opening monologue, the host jokes about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Caitlyn Jenner, and more…

The Brexitbot 3000 is a rapid-fire, cutting-edge piece of technology designed solely for delivering all of Conan’s Brexit jokes.

#ConanCon is back in San Diego July 20-24 with the casts of “Suicide Squad,” & “Silicon Valley.”

Jim Gaffigan thinks modern-day outrage culture has gotten out of hand. Who cares enough about Nickelback to actually hate them?

Jim opened for the Pope(mobile). Sadly, this isn’t the first time that he was the opening act for a famous vehicle.

Jim is used to being compared to weird-looking people, but this is the first time he’s a dead-ringer for female knees.

Jim runs his family like a fraternity: if you pass out, you’re fair game for a social media pic.

Jim knows that binge-watching a show is like relationship, including awkward first dates & sad breakups

As a native Australian, Julian doesn’t understand why Americans wear gigantic boardshorts to the beach.

In his new show “Hunters,” Julian channeled John Travolta–or at least his groin.

Wild Belle performs “Throw Down Your Guns” from their album Dreamland.

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