Kids Recreate ‘The Walking Dead’ Scenes to Perfection! #cosplay

ALL the children were just playing a role and pretending with toys. More photos to come!

A New Jersey photographer uploaded some images to Facebook of some scene recreations of The Walking Dead. The kicker? All the actors in the pics aren’t even in the first grade yet. The images are courtesy of Mother Hubbard Photography’s Facebook page, where 24 different children under the age of 7 dressed as some of the characters of The Walking Dead. And boy, did they get those costumes nailed down! Just as the disclaimer above stated, all the pics taken had the children using toy props and images of blood were photoshopped after the shoot. Please note: some of the most memorable scenes from The Walking Dead series are reenacted in these images. Most of the memorable scenes did happen to be graphic in nature, so some of the pictures may be slightly disturbing. Honestly, this is the most accurate cosplay I’ve ever seen of TWD and the kids are adorable!

In the pics, you’ll see all the main characters represented: Rick, Carl, Darryl, Michonne, Carol, Abraham, Begab, and of course zombies! These photos did get a fair amount of attention online, but not all of it was in a good way.  Apparently, some “cyber-bullies” reported an image causing it to be removed from Facebook for a period of time. Here’s what the photography company had to say in a statement about the photo…

This is my little Negan (Mason age 4) who was upset and crying today because his photo wasn’t up there with all the other kid’s pics… cyber bullies reported his Negan group shot on my page, that he and the other kids worked so hard on and it was removed from facebook unjustly. THIS IS FAKECOSPLAYPRETENDNO ONE WAS ACTUALLY HARMED and the blood was photoshopped!! Let’s show this adorable little Negan some love now!!

The photo she is referencing is the final scene from Season 6 where Negan has the gang on their knees lined up. But in this pic, they showed who they thought Negan killed in the season finale, and sure I guess I could see that offending someone. But again, Mother Hubbard Photography went well beyond warning people of the somewhat graphic, albeit fake, nature of the images. Check out the entire gallery of Mother Hubbard Photography’s Walking Dead pics below. Kids cosplay at its finest!


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