PopCultHQ Comic Book Preview: Grimm Tales of Terror: Vol. 2 #19 by Zenescope

It’s Here! It’s HERE! Another preview issue of GRIMM TALES OF TERROR: VOLUME TWO #19 by Zenescope.

You can’t tell that I am just a wee bit excited. This is two of my favorite things in comics….It’s a horror comic and a one-shot. You don’t need to wait for next month’s issue to see what happened next, it’s all in one compact issue.

This issue is written Troy Brownfield, drawn by Eric J, colored by Fran Gamboa and JC Ruiz, and lettered by Fabio Amelia.

zenescop gtot 9

This month is another classic tale, THE BOGEYMAN…

The legend of the Bogeyman has been passed

down for generations. Parents tell the tale of

an evil entity who comes for children who are

naughty, using the myth to scare children into

behaving. But what if the Bogeyman exists?

And what if he wants something else from his


A very well written piece with an unexpected twist.

Any parent knows what it feels like on their end, and emotion conveyed just through the eyes of the boy, make you almost feel his terror and despair.

Another well done Tale of Terror by Zenescope. Look for it June 8th.