Have Lunch with an Astronaut

Did you know you could have lunch with an Astronaut? Isn’t that something you always dreamed about as a kid? I know I would love to be able to sit down and hear about their experiences in space.


I found this rather interesting tidbit of information when I was web surfing.

Next time you are down by the Kennedy Space Center, or in the vicinity, check out their lunch with an Astronaut. Apparently it is a daily event with limited seating. You get a buffet meal watch a presentation and then they answer your questions. You also get to take photos with the Astronaut.

Visit the astronaut schedule to see who will be the featured astronaut at Lunch With An Astronaut.

As there are only 46 active Astronauts currently working with NASA, I think the odds are pretty good that you will encounter who has actually been in space.

And if you are really interested in NASA and Space then you want to be down there in June, when they launch the next two missions.