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The Best Of Last Night On CONAN: Timothy Olyphant & Jerrod Carmichael

PopCultHQ gives you all the best videos from last night on Conan O’Brien. Here’s what you missed…

In Conan’s monologue,  Conan jokes about Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Bill Clinton, and more…

Kelly Ripa was blindsided by her co-host suddenly leaving the show. Conan can really relate.

Conan’s beloved INFO button lets him know what’s what with his favorite television shows

Timothy is playing himself on “The Grinder,” and he has really thrown himself into the part.

Timothy has played lots of bad-ass guys, but Eric actually IS a bad-ass in real-life.

Jerrod thinks every musician and comic should be snorting their hearts out and bursting with energy to entertain.

Jerrod Carmichael’s Metric Of Success: How Many Cookies Is He Eating? Plus, Jerrod feels like even free stuff in Los Angeles comes with a price.

Jason Bennett
Jason Bennett is PopCultHQ's senior editor, a contributing writer, and comic book reviewer/reporter. He is a big lover of coffee, cats, cooking and comics (plus all things Green Lantern). He is a strong supporter of indie comics, creators, and publishers and Chris Hardwick is his spirit animal (we don't know how to respond to that). Follow Jason on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @TahoeJBennett
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