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1st Trailer Released For Upcoming Japanese Film “The Ring vs. The Grudge”

If you weren’t aware, a film uniting the two horrifying ghosts from both The Ring and The Grudge has been developed and will be playing in Japanese theaters beginning on June 18th. The film entitled Sadako vs. Kayako is directed by Kōji Shiraishi and stars Mizuki Yamamoto (GHOST HUNT).


Many fans of the horror flicks geeked out on hearing of mashing the two franchises. Then, sadly, were disappointed in hearing it will only be released in Japan. A lot of fans do have hope, however, that due to the plethora of fans overwhelming response, and a possible online petition, there may be enough interest in the studios to adapt it to a larger worldwide audience. Besides, wouldn’t a studio want to release it to a larger audience looking to throw money at the film’s box office? Here’s hoping. For now, though in Japanese, we get an awesome glimpse at to how epic this film will be.

Jason Bennett
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