Comic Book Preview: Grimm Fairy Tales #122 from Zenescope

I got an advanced viewing copy of Zenescope Entertainment’s GRIMM FAIRY TALES #122, titled WORST BEHAVIOR written by Pat Shand. Drawing was by Chris Johnson, coloring by Erick Arciniega and lettering by Ghost Glyph Studios.

It features the return of a major character, a conglomerate of the creepiest villains in the Grimm Universe, and a game changing climax.

grimm 122The comic cover is an interesting conglomeration of characters. The thing that catches my eye on it is the armor, I love it when I see functional armor in comics. The cover was done by Ian Richardson, Devgear, and Sean Ellery.

I will start out by saying that this is NOT a comic that you can just pick up and start reading. Having never read any of the prior issues, I was totally lost. However, I did my research and went back to the beginning of the Arcane Acres second school year (Issue 113).

This gave me time to realize who each of the characters were before I plunged into Issue 122. The whole story Arcane Acres storyline is focused around a school for special teens who have enhanced abilities who are being trained to fight evil.

I love the fact that they give you a brief synopsis of past events, which is great if you’ve read the previous issue. If not, then you are probably still lost.

Previously in Grimm Fairy Tales…

“Skye and Lance prepare to meet up with their Arcane Acre classmates for a final assault against Bloody Bones, but they remain unaware of the drama going on back at the school. Ali has been expelled for his role in Skye’s escape, and Hailey has gone missing. Meanwhile, Bloody Bones turns the entire town of Bryn Athyn into a mob.”

Mother and son battle is out in the Realm of Myst while the more interesting storyline is back on Earth, where everything is coming to a head and we can only wonder where it is all going to end up.

The students of Arcane Acres have rebelled against their teachers in order to do what they feel is right and stand by their expelled classmate. While Bloody Bones picks his two new allies and his mob of sleepers descend upon the school.

If you want to read this line then I suggest you pick up the earlier issues.

In shops May 11