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What a great surprise I found in reading the latest tale of Bust #2 from Insane Comics. Written by Dave Cook and illustrated by Chris O’Toole, we do not just simply follow the events found in the last great issue. We are now ten years into the future and Jack, the Ronin man who has lost everything in the battle of Austin, Texas, is not in a good place, literally and mentally.

Even worse off is when the army gang known as the Smilers are hot on his tail, looking to bring him back alive to their leader. Too bad Jack is not the type to be taken in alive without so much as a war on their hands.

In this new Mad Max-style journey, Jack runs into a spark plug of a young lady who’s just as gung-ho as he is. Together the pair find a mystery so important, so valuable, to the man that was thought to be dead since the plague had begun. Could the government still be running? And is “The Man” still in charge?

Find out when you read Bust #2 – Out Now!

PopCultHQ Rating 4 out of 5 


A fantastic read in this next epic chapter of Dave Cook and Chris O’Toole’s emotional tale of survival in the apocalyptic world. An amazing jump from the first issue, which you don’t need to read to keep up, but it helps to have. The writing has some absolutely great moments, with very few repetitive lines (a killer in indie comics). The artwork was a giant leap from last issue, as I couldn’t find anything to complain about now.  The only improvement I would look forward to, is a top notch letterer to give this book that polished and finished look. I highly recommend picking up Bust at a convention, on Insane Comics website or having your LCS place orders for you. It’s a very good independent read!


Bust #2

Written by: Dave Cook
Art by: Chris O’Toole

Preview pages:

The age of words died long ago. Now we settle our differences through action.”

Bust is an ongoing post-apocalyptic comic about the downfall of society at the hands of a terrible plague. It is most definitely not about zombies.

Luckily my fists are mean negotiators.”

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