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Game of Thrones’ John Bradley Featured On Conan O’Brien Last Night

Last night (4/12) on Conan O’Brien, Game of Thrones star John Bradley visited the late night set. With season six of the hit fantasy HBO series approaching, John had a lot to say about his character, Jon Snow, and fans of the show. Here is a collection of the best snippets from last night…

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John Bradley looks a bit seasick as his character and Gilly take to the open waters to escape the White Walkers on the way to the Citadel for season six of Game of Thrones…

Would you rather find out what happens with all the FX and dramatic music going, or do you just want some rando to blurt it out? You don’t REALLY want to hear “Game of Thrones” spoilers…

John Bradley on the craziest Jon Snow theories: Jon Snow is dead, but John says you shouldn’t hope that he suddenly becomes a talking direwolf…

“Game of Thrones” fame got John a Free Donut. Thanks for being a fan, Krispy Kreme guy. Even if you kinda acted like a jerk at the end.

Catch John Bradley and the rest of the cast when Game of Thrones returns for the season six premiere on April 24, 2016 only on HBO.

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