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Your Chance To Be A Zombie Extra On “Z-Nation” Season 3!

Z Nation Zombie Auditions will begin casting on March 12th for zombies for the third season of their hit TV series.  Season 3 of the SyFy series Z-Nation will begin filming soon in the Spokane, Washington area and the show is in search of extra zombies!  Auditions for zombie work will be held on March 12, 2016, but there are some requirements you need to be aware of:

1.) Must audition on March 12, 2016

2.) Must be 18 or older

3.) Must be a Washington resident

4.) Must be registered with one of the two area talent agencies (Big Fish NW Talent or Flannel Background)

5.) Show up at auditions at Redeemer Lutheran Church on Saturday, March 12th sometime between 9 am and 7 pm. You can register for a time slot here

Not up to speed on this series? Fortunately, Netflix has the first two seasons available for streaming!

Z Nation‘s synopsis:

Several years since a zombie virus swept across America, there’s only one person — who goes by just Murphy — known to have survived the infection — the world’s last hope at creating a vaccine. The last functioning viral lab needs blood from him for its antibodies, but the facility is in California and the man is in New York. A ragtag group of strangers works to transport him to the West Coast, but his dark secret remains hidden, which could threaten everyone. Hammond and his second in command, Garnett, lead the group of the living, and computer hacker Citizen Z helps everyone navigate through the zombie-infested terrain. When the group meets a man in Colorado, he offers to take Murphy the rest of the way to California. When nuclear weapons are launched, people head into survival mode and become desperate to find a cure.

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