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Japanese Trailer For “The Ring vs. The Grudge” Is Here!

Sadako vs Kayako is an upcoming film from Japan which will see the two ghosts from blockbuster Japanese franchises Ring (The Ring in the U.S.) and Ju-on: The Grudge (known as The Grudge in America) return to screens, this time facing off against one another in what would be an intense and creepy showdown.

Empire magazine had reported in December that the project came to life after a fan-made trailer went viral and convinced the studios — Kadokawa and NBC Universal Japan — that a mash-up of these two franchises are just what the fans want to see. Even though the trailer and dialogue is in Japanese, you get a pretty good feel of what to expect.

Fans of either franchise will recognize the house that served as the setting for The Grudge, that eerie ghost child, and the cursed videotape. If this film does well, and history has shown it likely will, it won’t be long before Hollywood studios take a stab at bringing this to a larger audience.

Sadako vs Kayako will be released in Japan this June. There are no dates as to a release anywhere else.

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