NWI Comic-Con Cosplay Photos

Captain Chaos

Nearly 4,000 people showed up at the NWI Comic-Con. This was my first time at this con and it was great. It was well worth the hour and a half drive.


Like most conventions it had a little bit of everything for everyone. Brian Grabinski, founder of NWI Comic-Con, did a fantastic job setting it all up. The vendors, craft and artists tables were arranged to control the traffic flow so that everyone managed to see all of them.

Squarriors was there too
Squarriors was there too

The low cost entrance fee meant that people actually had money to spend, so they did. It seemed that every vendor was doing quite well and I saw a lot of merchandise changing hands.

Brandon Barker' s Warlords of Wor are awesome
Brandon Barker’ s Warlords of Wor are awesome

This is a fantastic example of what a convention should be. I wish they could all be like this. Unfortunately this one has gone so well over the last few years that I think it might have outgrown its venue and may have to find new lodgings for next year.


And to me, this was the show winner

Captain Chaos
Captain Chaos

I may be showing my age on this…but I have never seen anyone else do it…And he did GREAT!!!!




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