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Fan Made Tool Set Replicates Thor’s Hammer – Yes Please!


Dave Delisle from Dave’s Geeky Ideas created a fun way way to show your love the God of Thunder.  This replica of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, has  just what you need to rule Asgard… or at least fix its plumbing.


According to Dave, “When it comes to tools there isn’t much in the way of geeky-themed hardware or accessories. Hoping to address this oversight, I present a THOR Hammer tool kit, for those times when you need to swing a hammer. This compact tool box features several tools and a socket set, for those minor jobs around the house that call for a superhero.

When not being carried around for Asgardian cosplay, this hammer opens up to reveal all the tools stored inside. The handle is shared with an actual hammer, which is fastened into a removable tray. Beneath the tray is a reservoir for loose tools and nuts/bolts.

I just hope this thing isn’t too heavy to lug around! I mean, not that it would be a problem for us geeks (*grunt*). Looking at this now, I reckon it could also make for a neat lunchbox.



Could you see yourself wielding this? Though not currently being produced, with the large amount of interest in receiving, a crowdsourcing campaign may be in the works. Stay tuned!

Jason Bennett
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