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Filming For “Blade Runner 2” Begins This July

The classic, sci-fi movie thriller of 1982, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, has finally announced a start for filming the sequel.  Principal photography on Denis Villenueve’s (Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario) unnamed Blade Runner sequel is scheduled to begin in July 2016.  Alcon Entertainment is set to back the film, who acquired the franchise rights in 2011 to produce prequels and sequels to the movie.  Ridley Scott will return and serve as executive producer.


As often with the case of famous, memorable, and successful hit films of the past, there are likely some who question the need to attempt to recreate, or improve, on the original’s special spark.  But with the rising Villenueve, and the starring of actors Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, there seems to be great appeal for this production to be a success.

The film follows Rick Deckard (Ford) decades after the end of the first film.  The film will be shooting in Budapest, Hungary where the studio is located, and will also film scenes in Beijing, China.  It is definitely too early for an announced release date, but we now know this sequel is coming to fruition.


Tom Rotham, the Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group, recently had this to say, “At Sony, we have made a strong commitment to the international marketplace.  We know of few projects with greater international potential than the long dreamed of sequel to Blade Runner, especially given the all-star creative team Andrew and Broderick have assembled.  We are deeply grateful to everyone at Alcon, Denis and Ridley for entrusting us with such a gift.  Working on a Blade Runner film also fulfills a long-time personal ambition, as I deeply love and admire the original.”

Alcon’s co-founders Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove added, “We are excited to work with Tom Rothman, Michael Lynton and then entire Sony team on this very special project as well as maintaining our important and long-standing relationship with our domestic partner Warner Bros. Pictures.”


Released in 1982, Blade Runner was directed by Ridley Scott shortly after his successful film Alien. The movie garnered two Academy Awards nominations (Best Visual Effects, and Best Art Direction) and is often regarded as a classic and cult favorite.  Numerous media sources rank it among their top films of all time.  Here is the original film’s synopsis…

Deckard (Harrison Ford) is forced by the police Boss (M. Emmet Walsh) to continue his old job as Replicant Hunter. His assignment: eliminate four escaped Replicants from the colonies who have returned to Earth. Before starting the job, Deckard goes to the Tyrell Corporation and he meets Rachel (Sean Young), a Replicant girl he falls in love with.


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