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Con+Alt+Del Cosplay Pics – Better Late than Never?

This might be a little late posting, but in December I attended my first ever anime con, Con+Alt+Del. It wasn’t one of the biggest, but it was a decent size and there was a wide variety of cosplay.

I was impressed by the vendor quantity, there was a ton of selection for anyone that wanted to go shopping, and there was almost anything you could think of anime (an many non-anime) related.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to stop into the maid cafe, maybe next time I make it to an anime con I will.

I attended the Homestuck panel…I don’t think I have seen that many horns in one place outside of a cattle ranch. I haven’t actually seen Homestuck, but the panel was amusing.

One issue I have with almost any hotel con is lighting, they have yellowish lights that are easy on the eyes, but play havoc with my camera, especially in the panel rooms.

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