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The story goes that “Night of the Fire-Beast” comes from a long-lost monster movie created from Randall Williamson, a man who wanted to cash in on the fame of the big sci-fi monster movie phenomenon. While the owner of these (as some my call “knock-offs”) B-rated studio movies, was so darn cheap, that he barely even gave writers or actors credits for their hard labors. Filmed in Mexico and using English stage actors. Even with all the lack of funding, Night of the Fire-Beast ended up becoming a very well written and acted movie for what it was intended for. Too bad for Randall it was a flop for him and a Japanese studio bought the rights and made a hit with its own version. Since the 50’s it was thought this gem of a classic monster movie was lost in time and would only be the stuff of forgotten greatness…..

…..It has since recently been revealed that Night of the Fire-Beast has been rediscovered and will now be made into a brand-new incarnation of the once great monster, only now into comic book form.

Night of the Fire-Beast #1

In the style of the Kijira beasts fighting movies of old and of course the lizard beast himself King ‘Zilla – comes the ultimate monsterfest story! Join in the mega-beast battlefest from Insane Comics and creators: CHRISTOPHER MARTINEZ, JONATHAN CLODE and JAMES BIGGIE.

What I love the most so far is the lead-in teaser story that will get you caught up in the giant creature feature film being created and lost. Yes, if you’ve not guessed it yet, that is not the case. But it is a brilliant idea from the creators to build up a cool new view at an old tale. I loved the cheesy black & white Godzilla movies growing up, for the monster battles with giant moths or three headed beast fighting our hero lizard. Night of the Fire-Beast is all about that, purely unadulterated rock-em sock-em, creatures entangled in life and death wars!

PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 3.5 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 3.5 out of 5 stars ***

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Official synopsis

NIGHT OF THE FIRE-BEAST is a meta fictional comic book based upon a lost 1958 B movie. It is the first of a series of books based around the titular character – Fire-Beast Dorugan. Rather than consider it a comic book adaptation, the book acts as the actual movie, using exposed wires, stock footage and flimsy sets within the artwork.

1948, a cargo ship sails the Atlantic ocean. Among the crew is Mack, a world weary veteran of the Great War, and Hudson, a young would be adventurer who feels cheated that he was too young to fight in WWII. The ship encounters an unnatural storm and is lost upon a strange island where ancient beasts are unleashed, ready to battle for dominance in a land that shouldn’t exist!

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