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PopCultHQ’s tribute week to Insane Comics begins by our coverage of AntiChris #1.  Writer Jojo King and artist Manuel Mezquita have teamed up to bring forth this compelling story with a demonic twist.  AntiChris starts strong with its character introduction then immediately goes full-speed with its story.  Chris seems tormented by, though perhaps he enjoys, demons in his dreams.  We see the titular character being shuttled by an sanitarium bus to a halfway house where he is met by the headmistress Theresa.  This peculiar woman introduces Chris to some of his housemates, who all have their own bizarre identities (including a werepire – father was a werewolf and mother was a vampire).  Many of them warn Chris of kids suspiciously not staying long at the house and that Theresa is not all she claims to be.

Meanwhile, we have a couple of pages showing Theresa in her darkened office plotting something sinister with a mysterious triad.  This looks to be a pairing we will continue to see develop in future issues.  That evening, one of the kids, Mona, was kidnapped by a cloaked intruder.  Some of the housemates hop in a car and give chase to rescue their friend.  The kidnapper wrecks his vehicle and is confronted by the teens.  He draws a weapon them, but we see Chris become entranced and depicting a pentagram in his eyes, to which he telepathically forces to armed man to point the gun at himself and fire.  Shaken by the events, the group questions Chris as to his possession ability, but it is quickly brushed to the side to focus on Mona’s well-being and trying to determine who would want this done to her.  Come to find out, Theresa had persuaded one of the girls, Renai, to allow the masked man in the building no questions asked.  Renai was informed that by allowing him access, that he would be abducting Chris as a quid pro quo for her continued shelter.

I am curious as to see how issue two builds on this exciting first issue.  If they can continue with the pace and delve deeper into the main plotline, this could definitely appeal to a large audience.

PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars ***


Look for my review of issue two coming very soon!  Meanwhile, pick up a print or digital copy of AntiChris #1 directly from Insane Comics!

AntiChris #1

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From Insane Comics:

AntiChris stars Chris, an orphan with a dark and unknown origin. Chris is shipped off to a shady home for the wayward which is ran by a secret Satanic society. Chris quickly befriends the other quirky residents in this dark and surreal world where vampires, werewolves, and other horrors exist.

AntiChris is a tale of growing up. A tale of friendship and its undying bond. It is a dark look into the human soul. It is also a quirky, weird, and surreal tale about a bunch of orphans trying to avoid becoming sacrifices and trying to find their place in this world that is anything but stable.

If you like the macabre, the weird, unique characters, and pitch black comedy, then AntiChris is the book for you!

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