InSEXts #2 from AfterShock Comics: PopCultHQ Review


InSEXts #2 (MR)

(W) Marguerite Bennett
(A/CA) Ariela Kristantina

InSEXts #2 continues to takes a peek at two very different woman in a time and place where their sort of “behavior” would not be tolerated and looked upon in an unfavorable way. Especially for the already detested Lady Bertram, who she must delay her missing husband’s family members, that already have questions, harsh feeling and unpleasant things to say about the exotic beauty.


We start the mystery when Lady Bergham begins to lose control of herself and changes in front of an over-zealous Colonel. Which only leads to a disastrous situation that the Lady and her companion/lover Mariah, must find a way to explain themselves out of. Later when the Lady’s curiosity makes her follow a couple of lovers into an alley, there she finds herself in another predicament that is way over her head, when suddenly the Lady is aware of another predator stalking her prey. Thanks to some new lady friends of the night who lead her to safety and warn her of a “London Butcher” who is on the loose. Too bad another sort of stalker has spotted her out and about with such unsavory women and is causing some more unwanted attention for the Lady. Where it all leads, I don’t have a clue but I’m fully along for the ride.

PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 5 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 5 out of 5 stars ***

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There’s no denying that InSEXts is my new favorite book at the moment and I just cannot get enough of it. From the minds of creators Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina, two amazing woman, who are developing a profoundly unique style that is all unto their own. It’s gorgeous to look at, it’s provocative to read and it’s enthralling by the time you’re done. Simply a masterpiece right out the gate!

What I love about this series is its unpredictable nature. What almost seems like a classic period piece with the dealings of high society life, is suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of deep, strong, sensually explicit love between two same-sex lovers. Then we find out nothing is as it seems when one of the lovers has a metamorphosis of sorts and they decide it’s time to have their very own family. It’s like Downtown Abby, The Fly, Gia and Fantasia tossed into a blender and you get something almost close to the greatness you find in InSEXts.

I love the complexity and the mysterious aspect in the storytelling of InSEXts. Mostly, I love the courageous efforts these talented women are taking with this book. Already starting off as a strong top contender in my opinion as book of the year. InSEXts erotic horror is exactly what the comic book industry needs and it’s getting it from AfterShock comics.

New indie publisher AfterShock Comics


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