Nintendo Files Patent for New Touch Screen Control Pad

Nintendo hasn’t giving us a lot of information on their next generation gaming units; all we know is that it is currently names the NX and won’t be like the Wii U. We also know that it needs to be something with a big wow factor if it plans to compete in today’s electronic world.

Nintendo patent

On December 10th, we might have gotten a hint of things to come with a patent that the gaming giant filed. The new patent design has familiar elements such as the analog sticks and shoulder buttons of the popular standard controls. The big new feature is a touchscreen along the entire front panel. This means that your standard face button has been replaced with touch technology.

This could be a big move on Nintendo’s part as it would give you the same adaptability that we have all gotten used to on our phones and tablets.

From pictures, it appears that this unit would be small and compact, easily portable. You can also see a card slot, which may mean that this is playable as a unit separate from a console. Whether this is designed as a completely stand alone unit, or a unit that works in conjunction with a separate console, is yet to be seen.

Right now it is just a patent application and there are many filed patents which are never used (just filed for copyright purposes).

At this point, we just sit back and see what Nintendo has for us next.

nintendo 2