Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Breaking All the Box Office Records!


Star Wars has made more history in a 12 day run than the Millennium Falcon did with its 12 parsecs Kessel Run, Han always likes to brag about. Here are the numbers to prove it!

The amazing debut has far surpassed any expectations for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which has made more than a billion dollars and broken just about every box office numbers on record.


– The Force Awakens has earned an estimated $544.6 million domestically for a global total of more than $1.09 billion. It became the fastest movie ever to hit $1 billion at the global box office, showing absolutely no signs of shutting down its warp drive.

– The Force Awakens secured the biggest Christmas Day of all time, raking in $49.3 million and more than doubling Sherlock Holmes’ 2009 record of $24.6 million. It also surpassed The Dark Knight to become the fifth biggest domestic movie of all time.

– The Force Awakens crossed $500 million domestically in only 10 days, shattering Jurassic World’s 17-day record. Making Star Wars’ success, officially the biggest Christmas weekend in box office history.

– Since opening domestically, The Force Awakens raked in $247.9 million, earning the biggest domestic debut of all time and dethroning Jurassic World’s $208.8 million record.

– $57 million came from Thursday previews, setting that new record, and those previews factored into The Force Awakens’ Friday total of $119.1 million. Not only is $119.1 million a new single-day record, but it also makes The Force Awakens the only movie to ever cross $100 million domestically in a single day.

– Pre-sale tickets were a huge factor here as it was reported that at least $100 million of that came from fans who couldn’t keep away from the draw of the darkside and the force.


– Since then, it has also nabbed the records for the biggest Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of all time.

– Dominating numbers haven’t just been limited to its stateside run: also setting new global and international records. After earning a whopping $529 million in its first weekend worldwide, The Force Awakens once again beat Jurassic World (which earned $524.9 million) for the biggest global debut in history.

– What is most impressive, is the fact that Jurassic World earned almost $100 million from its China debut, and The Force Awakens doesn’t even open in China until Jan. 9. Internationally.


– The Force Awakens also set new records for the biggest opening weekends in the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Iceland, Serbia, and New Zealand

– The Force Awakens set new IMAX records, too, debuting to $30.1 million domestically and $48 million globally. In 12 days, it’s grossed $106 million on global IMAX screens alone, shattering the previous 18-day record set by Jurassic World.

– Unadjusted for inflation, The Force Awakens has already secured its place as the fifth biggest domestic movie of all time, and it’s only about $215 million away from surpassing Avatar as the biggest domestic movie ever.

– It will become only the fifth film in history to cross $600 million domestically, after The Avengers ($623.4 million), Jurassic World ($652.3 million), Titanic ($658.7 million) and Avatar ($760.5 million), not accounting for inflation. And it’s possible Force Awakens could overtake Avatar by the end of New Year’s weekend.


– Globally, Force Awakens has cleared $1.16 billion for Disney and Lucasfilm, quickly moving up the chart of all-time top-grossing titles. On Monday, it took the No. 10 spot after passing up a slew of movies, including Transformers: Age of Extinction ($1.1 billion), Skyfall ($1.11 billion), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ($1.12 billion), Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($1.124 billion) and Minions ($1.157 billion).

– it’s in 15th place, and it could become the third movie ever to make more than $2 billion (Avatar has $2.78 billion and Titanic has $2.19 billion)

At this pace Star Wars: The Force Awakens should be surprising some of those James Cameron numbers if fans keep going back for more galactic epicness from a place and time long long ago. How many times have you seen The Force Awakens?



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