PopCultHQ’s Top 10 Games of 2015

2015 is almost at an end, so now we look back at the year in gaming by counting down the top 10 games of the year…


10. The Order: 1886 (PS4)



Sony and developer Ready At Dawn had one of the most anticipated exclusives set for 2015 with The Order: 1886. The game features a very cinematic approach but, like a movie, the game wasn’t very long and that caused a lot of people to be disappointed. The solid gameplay, beautiful visuals and fun gameplay made the game one of those hidden gems that I personally couldn’t put down. While the game is admittedly not very long, it was a unique twist on a classic tale that should be experienced by any gamer!


09. Rocket League (PS4/Xbox One)


Let me start by stating that I absolutely have no interest in soccer. I’m not a fan of the sport and probably never will be, but Rocket League is one of those rare exceptions. Sony made the brilliant decision to release the game as a free title for it’s PS Plus service, which is why I even gave the game a shot. The game is simple, it’s soccer but with cars instead of athletes. The simple controls and addictive gameplay made this one of those games that quickly spread via word of mouth and because it was free at the time, almost everyone jumped on and would play for hours. While I may never play a FIFA title, I doubt that I will be putting this game down anytime soon.


08. Dying Light (PS4/Xbox One/PC)


The spiritual successor of the Dead Island franchise, Techland returns with Dying Light. The game is essentially a Dying Light / Mirror’s Edge mash-up that you never knew you wanted. The game has fluid controls and features a huge open world landscape to explore. The design and beautiful visuals give the gamer something different to experience than your typical zombie game. The game is a must play for any zombie fan and features some solid DLC.


07. Life is Strange (PS4/Xbox One/PC)


Publisher Square Enix (Final Fantasy) released Life is Strange, an episodic game that featured choice based gameplay. Similar to the Telltale Games like The Walking Dead, the game is the modern equivalent to the “choose your own adventure” books from your childhood. The story is indeed strange and interesting, but the charm in a title like this is you can play the first episode and if you’re not feeling it, you can stop and not feel like you spent more money than you cared to.


06. Fallout Shelter (iOS/Android)


Bethesda released this mobile version of its beloved franchise, Fallout. The game is simple, in that you simply have to maintain the vault you have created. You’ll be tasked with expanding the vault and ensuring the survival and happiness of the vault-dwellers. The game is simple and easy to pick up, but way harder to put down once you start. The art direction is inspired by the Vault-Boy character that has been with the series since the beginning and features dialogue between the inhabitants that will surely make you chuckle. Best part, the game is FREE so there is no reason you shouldn’t give it a try!


05 BloodBorne (PS4)


The newest adventure from developer, From Software. BloodBorne is yet another spiritual successor to the original Demon Soul’s and Dark Souls. The gameplay is similar to those titles as is the amount of difficulty. I’ll go on record saying that BloodBorne is slightly more accessible to players than its predecessors were, but that doesn’t mean you will not find yourself getting less angry. The game improves on previous mechanics and introduces a whole new level of detail to this dark, yet beautiful world that From Software has created. If you like a challenge or want to try a game that doesn’t want you to beat it, then this Playstation exclusive is for you!



04. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4/Xbox One/PC)


Hideo Kojima’s swan song. MGS:V is the final entry to his beloved franchise that started over 25 years ago. The game is absolutely gorgeous and most people that take a quick glimpse always seem to mistake it for a big budget Hollywood production. This entry was a complete overhaul that included new game mechanics, enhanced and updated game engine and new voice actors. As a whole the game will feel different and familiar at the same time, which is nice. The only beef I have is that the game does not feel complete, which is actually true. The recent drama between Kojima and former Publisher Konami has had an ugly and unfortunate impact on the game and the community as a whole. Despite this, the game is essential and should be played by anybody and everybody.


03. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate


Much of what needs to be said can be found in our review of the game, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. The game feels like developer Ubisoft decided to return to their roots. The game does add some new elements along with continuing with many mainstays from previous entries, but it never feels broken or overloaded. The characters are well-balanced and likable, and the villain is interesting enough to make the player want to continue their quest. The game has very high replay value as I still find myself coming back to it even after completing the campaign months ago. If you’ve been on the fence with the series, or still have a bad taste in your mouth from Unity, I suggest giving this game a chance as I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


02. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4/Xbox One/PC)


CD Projekt Red returns to the universe that brought them so much success in recent years. Geralt returns to us in this latest installment of the beloved “Witcher” franchise. The game is massive and features well over 100 hours of gameplay. The series has always been known for its stunning visuals and this one is no different. The landscape is beautiful and each new area feels unique enough to tell them apart from one another. The game is an excellent RPG for any type of gamer to jump on and enjoy. This is a rare game that has equal amounts of quantity to match the quality!


01. Fallout 4 (PS4/Xbox One/PC)


Finally, we hit the #1 spot on the list and it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Fallout 4 was one of the worst kept secrets in the industry but that didn’t hurt the game, in fact it only built more anticipation for the title. As a fan of the series I can say that the game does have some flaws but not enough to really go on about. It’s been little more than a month since release and I am still venturing into the wasteland to explore and haven’t come close to seeing everything. Quests feel like they pop out of nowhere, keeping me interesting in exploring and battling my way through more super mutants than you can shake a laser musket at. While the main campaign may be over, the game still has content to offer and there is still plenty of content set for release in 2016 to make players return to the Commonwealth.



Honorable Mentions:


  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • Mario Maker
  • Batman: Arkham Knight




There you have it! Our picks for the best games of 2015. This list was difficult considering there were tons of great games that released. Did your favorite game make the list? Do you think something else should be up here? Sound off in the comments below and let us know! Until then, we will see you in 2016!