What Happened in Episode 608 of The Walking Dead: “Start to Finish” (SPOILERS)

The mid-season finale to AMC’s The Walking Dead just aired and it has left fans glued to the TV till the very end! Or at least till the real end, that aired later during Into the Badlands first commercial break.

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In the mid-season finale episode 608 “Start to Finish,” we begin with the most ominous of intros as Jamie’s youngest son Sam, is in his sheltered closet. He is drawing what Carol had threatened him the time he was stealing chocolate from the storage shed. When Carol told Sam what happens to bad little boys who tell, and that is being tied up to a tree in the woods while the monsters eat him.

That was not the ominous part though. What was so ominous to the intro of the show, was the tiny line of ants that were creeping into the window. One by one they streamed into the house and slowly one by one they created a mammoth hoard around a discarded plate of food. Food that would represent the town of Alexandria, and that huge amount of crawling ants would be a symbolism to the vast amount of deadly walkers, that would soon be invading the helpless town, looking for their very own feeding frenzy.


After the church tower comes down, knocking down the Alexandrian wall, things go from bad to worse. As the town begins to become overrun by the dead and the residents are fearfully scrambling for their lives. Rick manages to save Deanna from an attacking group of walkers, but not before Deanna is heavily wounded during the escalation. Rick and a few of the group manage to make it back to Jessie’s home.

In Jessie’s home, scared Sam is losing his little freaking mind as the reality of the horrors in the walker world that he so desperately fears and has been holding up in his room to avoid, is now in his very presence. Seeing the group frantically trying to save Deanna’s life.

While looking over Deanna’s injuries Rick, Jessie and Michonne realize that Deanna has been bitten and her only response to this devastating news is just a simple, “Ah Shit!”

Carl vs Ron – Carl, who was being stalked by Ron (Jessie’s older son) with a gun before the madness began, now find himself in Jessie’s garage with the emotional teen. When Carl tries to console an obviously dismayed Ron, Ron finally shows his true intentions of wanting to shoot and kill Carl. Ron is blaming Carl and Rick, on all of Ron’s recent shortfallings. The loss of his dad, the loss of his girlfriend Enid and now the apparent loss of his entire world crumbling before his own eyes as Alexandria is being taken over by walkers. Ron pulls the gun on Carl and the very aware Carl is already on top of Ron defending himself.  While this altercation was much better than their previous girl slap-fight, the two end up causing damage to the garage window, attracting a deadly group of walkers who almost get to the boys. But the two are saved just in time from Rick who had heard the two boy’s having an altercation. When questioned what happened inside the garage, Carl took the opportunity to cover up the fact Ron just tried to kill him. The two boys go upstairs to Ron’s room and Carl then pulls his gun on Ron, for the boy to surrender his pistol to Carl. Carl has to give one more dose of reality as he tells reminds Ron that yeah both boy’s fathers are killers, but as Carl puts it to Ron, “Your Dad was (also) an asshole.”

The best part for me this episode, was when the trapped group in Jessie’s house are left with no other choice but to cover themselves in walker guts, in order to blend in with the dead to sneak out of the house. Totally bringing back shades of flashbacks from season one, as Rick tells Jessie that he has done this before. Poor little Sam comes out of his room only to see the gruesome display taking place in front of his confused little eyes. I can only imagine what a character like that must have to be processing so quickly, at that young of an age.

As Deanna is dying and Rick almost chops her head open thinking that she has turned and is attacking baby Judith. Deanna is laid on a bed as the fever starts to take its effects on her. Deanna tells Rick that he must now be the leader of everyone in Alexandria, including her son, for they are “all his people now.”

Morgan vs Carol – What can be said here that we all don’t already feel. How can the most badass and beloved characters of The Walking Dead Morgan, so quickly become such a douche-bag?! From the first reviews this season, I have said that Morgan is the groups biggest liability and that has fully come to fruition. As we have Carl and Morgan going toe-to-toe over the life of a Wolves member that Morgan has been hiding in a holding cell. In a showdown that had you rooting for Carol to kick Morgan’s ass, quickly turned into a real debacle as the two combatants are fighting and Morgan give Carol the ol’ WWE suplex to the cement floor knocking her out. The Wolves member takes this opportunity to turn the tides and takes the frail Dr. Denis as a hostage out into the walker-filled streets of Alexandria. If Morgan didn’t have enough to be sorry for with is passive ways, this well definitely be the straw that breaks the camels back with the group now.


We see Glenn gets a glimpse of his pregnant wife Maggie, who is trapped atop a frail ledge, completely surrounded by walkers.

The emotional farewell to Deanna continues as she and Michonne share a moment and she explains what the foreign writing on the blueprints means. Deanna tells her meaning and lets Michonne know that when she is ready, Deanna will take her own life.

“Someday this pain will be useful to you” – Deanna

Deanna goes out in a blaze of glory as the lioness let’s out a final primordial scream in one of the shows most dramatic moments of its short history. A moment to always remember why The Walking Dead is still one of TV’s most dramatically gripping dramas worthy of an Emmy.


The mid-season finale of the show ends as the remaining group of Michonne, Rick, Carl, Judith (in Carl’s walker-guts filled poncho), Jessie and her two sons are going downstairs. As the the group slowly makes their way past the walkers, the plan is working, but at the same time has you literally on the edge of your seat, as you expect at any moment one of these deadly creatures is going to figure it out and grab one of them. As they successfully make their way out of the house and down the front porch……Sam the youngest of Jessie’s boys is fearfully calling for his mother. “Mom…mom….mom” the boy keeps saying as the group is trying to desperately make it past these walkers. I fully expected for one of the walkers to just snatch the little boy right out of the grip of his mother and start eating him…..but the episode ends there.


Now we must wait two and half months till the next episode of The Walking Dead 609 returns in February. Damn you Walking Dead!!!


The shocking end after the credits – If you missed the extra scene that aired after the credits and during the first commercial break of Into the Badlands, you will not want to miss it again! Check it out here: Prologue to the next chapter of Season Six for The Walking Dead – “Negan”



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