Holiday Gift Guide for the Star Wars Fan in Your LIfe

Not only is the holiday season upon us, for Star Wars fans this is the season for The Force Awakens. Here is your guide to the newest and freshest merchandise in the galaxy: (I tried including both sides of the force. Let us know if there’s something I should have added in the comments below!)


All items descriptions courtesy of their respective websites.


Star Wars Battlefront-lots of hype around this release.


Immerse Yourself in Your Star Wars™ Battle Fantasies!

  • Inflict more damage on enemy vehicles with the Ion Grenade.
  • The Ion Torpedo locks on to and delivers extra damage to your opponents’ vehicles.
  • Made famous by Han Solo, the DL-44 is the blaster of choice for scoundrels across the universe.
  • Get electrified with the Ion Shock emote, available exclusively in the Deluxe Edition.
  • Celebrate your win in style and pump your fist in the air with the exclusive Victory emote.




BB-8 Track Jacket available at Think Geek


Movie theaters are all different nowadays, from the high-end ones with adjustable seats and a dinner menu available down to the ones that can almost keep you there with their sticky floors alone. But even with such vast difference, there are a few things they all have in common. Sodas cost too much. The folks who talk should be ejected. And the temperature’s never quite right.

That’s why it pays to dress in layers when you’re going to the movies. And since we’re all going to the theater this December, it seems wise to plan ahead. This midweight track jacket features BB-8’s design screenprinted 360° around it. It’s perfect to pack for the movies or for the office when your boss, who has the only thermostat, decides the building should be a walk-in freezer and then leaves for the day.




Boxers available at Think Geek



Maybe you’re a member of the 501st, but not every occasion calls for full armor. Driving to an event? Easier without the hermetic collar hindering your lane-change head turn. Grocery shopping? The body glove will protect you from the frozen foods section, but the gloves make it hard to get your money out of your wallet. So for your casual days, let us offer this option: Star Wars Costume Boxers.

With these Star Wars Costume Boxers, you can wear a costume that nobody but you knows about. Or, well, you and a very select audience. Choose Darth Vader or Stormtrooper. The costume design is on the front, but the back is plain for additional identify protection. Because you never know where you’ll encounter Bothan spies.




Vader Cape Dress available at Hot Topic


Come to the dark side and transform into a Sith Lord with this Hot Topic exclusive dress from Star Wars. Black cape design with hematite tone studded Darth Vader helmet detail.




Empire beanie available at Hot Topic


Black & white pom beanie from Star Wars with “EMPIRE” logo design on the foldover.




Ewok Wrap Scarf  available at Think Geek




Ewoks. Either you love them or you hate them. Since you’re on this page, we’re gonna assume you’re in the former camp. But since not everybody is, you might want to carry a spear with you while you’re wearing this, in case you have to defend the honor of Ewoks everywhere. Allow us to recommend the one from the M48 Long handle Tactical Survival Series. Ain’t nobody going to mess with you when you’re carrying that. And maybe remind them, as our Lucasfilm rep once reminded us, that Ewoks eat people.

Wrap yourself in a Star Wars Ewok Knit Hooded Scarf both to stay warm and to express your Star Wars fandom in the most kawaii way possible. The scarf measures a generous 55″ around so you can get a lovely drape on it. And, of course, we made this at our awesome village in the trees. We’re going to schedule all meetings for the Ewok Village from here on out. Because we can.




BB-8 Infinity Scarf  available at Think Geek



BB-8 definitely has a head but not so much a neck, so wearing a dashing scarf as a fashion accessory isn’t really a possibility. We guess R2-D2 and C-3PO will have to pick up the slack. You know C-3PO would rock some scarf action.

Don this BB-8 Infinity scarf to show your infinite love for the new droid. The super lightweight scarf features a repeating red and orange pattern of BB-8’s. When you scrunch it down around your neck, it’s kind of difficult to make out what the design is, but then you can unfold it and let everyone ooh and aah at your new movie merch. Well done.




Kylo Ren Lightsaber Necklace available at Think Geek



How many of us have built our own lightsabers? Now, ours might not cut have through our opponents. In fact, we generally had to provide the sound effects ourselves, but we’ve gotten pretty good at mimicking the low hum of a lightsaber while circling our enemy. And frequently ours were made out of wrapping paper tubes. But that’s beside the point. The point is: we totally get where Kylo Ren is coming from. The ability to create your own lightsaber is pretty special.

This necklace celebrates Kylo Ren’s lightsaber in all its crazy cross-guard bladed glory. Wear it around your neck as a shoutout to makers here and in galaxies far, far away.

For customers with nickel allergies: these are made from 316L grade surgical stainless steel. That means their five main components are iron, chromium, nickel (10-14%), molybdenum, and manganese. This is implant-grade steel.




BB-8 Desk Lamp available at Think Geek



He doubles as a projector, a fire extinguisher, a navigator, and a power coupler. We know all the things that R2-D2 does, but we don’t yet know all the things BB-8 has up its… well, up its metaphorical sleeves. Maybe it also doubles as a lamp in a sticky situation. We just don’t know.

But it definitely can double as a lamp for you. This BB-8 Desktop Lamp stands 8 1/2″ tall and casts light on your subject of choice, whether that’s astronavigation or algebra. It has LED light inside the head, which shines downward through a diffuser. A gentle tap on BB-8’s head switches between three different lighting modes: natural white, amber, and warm white. And off. Also a good mode when you need to go to sleep.




Kylo Ren and BB-8 plush available at Think Geek




Here’s the truth, ladies and gentlemen; we really hate to tell you this, but we feel we must. The entire Star Wars saga was shot with severely distorting lenses. It’s how George Lucas saved money for the special effects (and shot the whole original trilogy in his basement). That’s right, the average size of an actor in Star Wars was about 7″ tall – which means, these Star Wars- The Force Awakens Plush characters are actually almost life size!

Each one is officially-licensed by Lucasfilm. They are huggable and throwable and small enough to hide in a backpack or on your desk. Kylo Ren even has a hood you can put up or down. And if you are worried about the size, just remember Yoda’s wise words:




Captain Phasma Ring available at Think Geek



You know, as much as we love the chrome armor on Captain Phasma, we bet it was super-hard to film. Certain angles would be right out because you’d get a reflection of the camera person in the scene, and you’d have to move with her to avoid getting in the shot. We do not envy the camera people on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Okay. Who are we kidding? We DO envy the camera people on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, just not while they were trying to get good shots of Gwendoline Christie.

Celebrate Captain Phasma with a solid steel ring. As shiny as her helmet, this ring is sure to get the attention of your friends. And if it doesn’t, you can rap it on the side of their head. That’ll get their attention.

For our customers with nickel allergies: these are made from 316L grade surgical stainless steel. That means their five main components are iron, chromium, nickel (10-14%), molybdenum, and manganese. This is implant-grade steel.




Smuggler’s Bounty from Funko and Star Wars. The subscription box for November has passed but you can subscribe for January now.


100% Exclusive: every item, every box!Instantly join the Star wars elite when you collect items that nobody else can get their hands on. Our box is full of STAR WARS and Funko items available ONLY through SMUGGLER’S BOUNTY.No fluff – $50 value in every box!When you spend just $25, you’ll get $50 in value of exclusive, high-quality collectible products including but not limited to apparel, accessories, toys and memorabilia. No fluff, no filler!Powered by Funko!Funko has scoured the galaxy in order to select & create the most exciting and collectible products delivered directly to your door.




Sphero BB-8


BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero. Meet BB-8TM–the app-enabled DroidTM whose movements and personality are as authentic as they are advanced. Authentic Movement * Guide your BB-8TM with a smartphone or tablet Listens & Responds * BB-8 recognizes and reacts to your voice Holographic Communication * Record and view virtual holographic videos with BB-8 Autonomous Behavior * BB-8 has a mind of its own–explore the Star WarsTM galaxy together Adaptive Personality * Your BB-8’s unique attitude and actions evolve as you interact This is the DroidTM you’re looking for. Over the years, the magic of Star WarsTM has always lived on screen and in our imaginations. Thanks to our advancements in technology, we’ve made it possible to bring a new part of Star Wars: The Force AwakensTM into your home. Meet BB-8TM–the app-enabled DroidTM that’s as authentic as it is advanced. BB-8 has something unlike any other robot–an adaptive personality that changes as you play. Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and even perk up when you give voice commands. Set it to patrol and watch your Droid explore autonomously, make up your own adventure and guide BB-8 yourself, or create and view holographic recordings. It’s now possible to explore the galaxy with your own trusty Astromech Droid by your side. BB-8 is more than a toy–it’s your companion. What’s in the Box? * BB-8 App-Enabled Droid * Induction Charging Base * Micro USB Cable * Quick Start Guide * Legal Guide BB-8TM Tech Specs * iOS & Android compatible * Top speed of 4.5 mph (7ft/s) * Durable polycarbonate shell * Bluetooth Smart BLE connection (100 foot range) * Inductive charging (over 1 hour of play on a full charge) * Free App: BB-8 App-Enabled Droid powered by Sphero available through iTunes or Google Play * Height: 4.5″ (11.4 cm) / Width: 2.9″ (7.3 cm) / Weight: 7.1 oz. (~200 g) Order your BB-8TM App-Enabled DroidTM by Sphero from Brookstone today!

Watch it in action:




Build a Lightsaber available at Toys ‘R Us


The definitive lightsaber of the Bladebuilders system provides kids with the unique components needed to create 100+ combinations from their imagination. The Jedi Master Lightsaber comes with a main Lightsaber featuring lights and sounds, two independently-lit lightdaggers, expansion hilt, two elbow connectors, dual connector, and cross connector. Combine with other Lightsabers in the BladeBuilders system (each sold separately) and imagine the thrill of battle with a custom Lightsaber! Requires three AAA batteries, included. Star Wars products are produced by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.




Vader Business shirt available at Superhero Stuff


The 100% cotton Star Wars Vader Business 30 Single T-Shirt shows off the business end of the Dark Side…and here you thought cloaks and robes were scary. A guy in a two piece is always more terrifying! Showing off a pair of Stormtroopers and the Dark Lord of the Sith in suits, the Star Wars Vader Business 30 Single T-Shirt is amazingly soft and a great way to avoid paying ‘protection’.




Vader Waffle Maker available at Superhero Stuff


The exceptional Star Wars Darth Vader Waffle Maker actually started a rather lively discussion on what constitutes the difference between a pancake and a waffle here in the office. Is it the same batter? Do they require ridges? Is a pancake made in a pan and a waffle made in an iron? How much Dark Side goes into a waffle? I won’t get into the details, because you need to get the Star Wars Darth Vader Waffle Maker in order to come to your own conclusions. With precise shade control, classic styling, and all sorts of fancy bells and whistles, the Star Wars Darth Vader Waffle Maker is the best part of waking up!




Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad available at Target

SW Millenium Falcon



You can finally live out your Star Wars fantasies and fly the Millennium Falcon with the Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad. The iconic space ship from Star Wars is in your hands and with the RC control you get to take to the skies and race Kessel Run. Imagine the creative fun and adventures you can have with your very own, flying Millennium Falcon. Even RC quadcopter purists will see the appeal of this airship. Not only is this a fun hobby for you, but you can delight people everywhere as they get to see the Millennium Falcon fly in their neighborhood.