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Since the time the French invasion of comic books had landed on the American shores, six months ago, PopCultHQ has always been there. The wonderful people over at Éditions Delcourt-Soleil Comics and ComiXology have really liked our clever reviews for the French based publishing house. So with ComiXology’s newest digital comics sale, it is far due time to give another look at how Delcourt’s fantastic line-up is coming along.


Thanks in large part to the great people at ComiXology who provides PopcultHQ with all the newest Delcourt issues to review, we have been enjoying all the spectacular stories from Delcourt Media English from the start. Delcourt has been around for a long time overseas and they obviously know what they are doing in the comic book world, with creations that even touch the manga landscape. Now it’s time for the American people to enjoy the talents of the French with Delcourt’s strong lineup of professional looking comics. Comics that will give any lazy U.S. indie creator a run for their money if they don’t step up their game!

Delcourt titles have been getting consistently stronger and stronger as the months go by, with month six well over and into the next chapters into many of their fantastic tales. We have quickly learned the French way of how they passionately tell comic book stories. It seems the French comic writers like to break their stories into two-part arcs that keep the pace of the tale moving forward. Unlike many major American publishers from today who frequently give us filler issues in order to get their superheros passed another few months of sales. The pacing of Delcourt comics is very refreshing.

As you would expect from the French, this is sophisticated storytelling, mixed in with a good amount of action and is some cases, sex and nudity that is actually, not too gratuitous. We have great sci-fi, spy action, steampunk, monsters, Mech, strong female-led books, hero comics and of course love. That is the French, C’est la vie! No?!

In the first round of reviews we gave high marks to books like Hauteville House, Iron Squad and Spin Angels. Along with Delcourt titles that we spotlighted with very high praise; Elves and Josephine. Now take a look back at these favorites with this great sale and also dive deep into the newest batch of offerings the very exciting team from Edition Delcourt in France have for us.


Delcourt French Comics are sold on ComiXology: Delcourt on ComiXology and at your local comic shop






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