The Walking Dead: Episode 604 Review – “Here’s Not Here”


In this weeks The Walking Dead review, we explore –

– Eastman and Tabitha – “I come to believe that all life is precious”

– Steve Yeun’s name not in the opening credits!

– The tale of Morgan / What transpired with Morgan (Lennie James) between Episode “Clear” and the season 5 Finale, to finally make him see CLEAR!

PopCultHQ Trivia: Did you know that actor John Carroll Lynch who played ‘Eastman’ is also the killer clown from American Horror Story “Freak Show”

The Walking Dead: Episode 604 Review – “Here’s Not Here”

Here’s Not Here,” was directed by first time TWD director Stephen Williams, and is either going to appease to your Kung Fu Journey side or it is just going to bore you to death. I found myself tethering on both sides at times. While I fully understand the need for and actually quite enjoy a more story-heavy episode. Here’s Not Here, I felt was engaging enough from pre-opening credits scenes till the very end.

Speaking of opening credits. The fact that Steven Yeun‘s (Glenn) name was left OFF the opening credits, seems to be the rage with most “media sites.” I personally didn’t take too much stock into this, since the episode had nothing to do with Glenn’s (purposely delayed) and Rick’s current predicaments from episode 603 “Thank You.” I saw the omission of Steven’s name as just another cleverly, coordinated, “tease” from the the showrunners of The Walking Dead. TWD knows very well how smart their fans are. So why not just add more jet-fuel to the – “Glenn’s dead, he’s not dead” feuding fire. Feuding that’s turned so bad, it takes me back to that stupid viral picture of the “Is it black or is it gold dress?”. It’s silly……Glenn’s not dead….period!

Tonight’s Morgan-centric episode of The Walking Dead takes us back in time, back in time when after Morgan and Rick had their most epic moments of dialogue between both phenomenal British actors, in the season 3 episode 12 – “Clear.” If TWD fans recall back then, just how bat-shit-crazy Morgan was during that period in his life. Rick had found out his old buddy Morgan (who saved him in the very first TWD episode ever) had lost his son Dwayne. To make matters worse, Dwayne was killed by his very Mother who had turned into a walker. The inability of Morgan to first shoot his zombie wife, led to the hesitation of Morgan’s Son to shoot his very Mother when Dwayne himself was being attacked by her at a later time. Morgan in the episode “Clear” gave Rick the famous “I see RED” speech that always sends chills down my back, it is some of the most powerful piece of acting that has ever been seen on the shows history.

In “Here’s Not Here” we first begin with Morgan telling his story to someone. Someone we cannot see as we are in their hazy blurred point of view (POV). Morgan is telling this person how they met before by the fire and talking was like going to the movies. It is the Wolves member from the end of episode 602 that Morgan is talking to.

I only assume Morgan is beginning to tell his story as to how he managed to get himself out of the deranged zone he once was in, and how he met his sensei, the so called “cheese maker” Morgan referenced to his tied up Wolves attacker (S6.Ep02).


Sure enough, we are taken back to see Morgan in his room, the room full of his mad ramblings written all over the walls. Still crazy as a squirrel in a rubber nut factory, Morgan is not able to focus his thoughts or vision enough to be able to see clearly……..ah, now it makes sense. Morgan’s mind is so far gone, he cannot only see clearly, his very soul and current meaning of life is simply not ‘CLEAR’ to him. Morgan accidentally sets his place on fire arguing with himself, his reinforced, boobie-trapped fortress burns down and now he is finding himself once again in the apocalyptic walker-filled world. That’s why he is now found on this aimless journey to once again do what his crazy mind tells him to do. Only right now the only thing Morgan wants to do is kill everything and anything is his path. Any Walker that crosses Morgan is quickly dispatched as he turns himself into a walker exterminator. Unfortunately for a pair of survivors following crazy Morgan down, they are both quickly caught up in Morgan’s insanity, which results in a slaughter where Morgan takes both human lives.

Morgan finds a patch of strange serenity, only he’s so lost in his mind he cannot feel its warm embrace anymore. That is when Morgan hears the goat and meets Eastman (John Carroll Lynch). Once again, obviously, this must be the sensei, since this man walks around with a big stick and tells Morgan to leave the goat alone since it does not belong to Morgan. This mystery voice still needs the goat to make…..cheese. Being warned to put down his gun by the voice in the woods, Morgan is knocked out by the wanna-be ‘cheese maker’.

Morgan now finds himself in a jail cell that is built into a cabin located in the woods. That should start to sound off the creepy alarms about now. But Morgan has one thing in his mind when he realizes he’s a prisoner. Morgan pleads for the man “kill me, KILL ME, KILL ME!!” Morgan is completely desolate and given up. Once the story unfolds we meet the mystery man who is known as Eastman. A seemingly gentle man, strangely calm in his ways and hilariously quirky.

Eastman tries to explain to Morgan that he (Morgan) is suffering from PSTD due to killing. Humans are not built to be killers, as Eastman explains, humans are not built with fangs or claws. Eastman tells Morgan he is free to go, or he is free to to stay, and learn to get better, but in no circumstances would he allow Morgan to kill him. Morgan walks out of the cell that was never locked, and sure enough he foolishly rushes the man who gave him such hospitality. Only to get his ass kicked by this bow fighter. But not before the two struggling men break a painting, that we find out later was done by Eastman’s child. Eastman won’t kill Morgan even after the attack, no matter how much Morgan is begging for it. Once again defeated Morgan heads into the cell.

Aikido is the fighting form that was used to kick Morgan’s ass, or redirect it as Eastman puts it. This is when I noticed the lucky rabbits foot. Once I seen Eastman hold up the rabbits foot, and tell the story of how his daughter gave it to him, I knew he would die. For it was the very lucky rabbits foot Morgan leaves behind in the car when he first encountered the two Wolves (S5.Finale). The two Wolves he left alive, even when they tried to kill him. Now it makes sense why he did that now, since Morgan was beginning his new vow of Aikido.

Eastman hints of a trip with no destination but he needs Morgan to come with him.


Morgan’s walls begin to crack and he stays with Eastman and the goat “Tabitha”. With Morgan saving the goat from walkers it went a long way in developing trust and a friendly relationship with Eastman. Morgan sees the graves and the compassion that this man has for anyone else, which goes a long way to helping Morgan once again gain stable mental ground.

The two men are now friends with Morgan working around the land and learning the ways of Aikido from his new found sensei, once Morgan is presented with his very own beautiful bow stick made from his once brutal pike.

The secret story of Eastman is finally revealed with the story of why there was a cell in his cabin. In Eastman’s past he was a sort of prisoner psychologist who Interviewed over 800 men 5 woman who have done terrible things in life. And Croton Dallas Wilton was the worst of them all. Eastman tells the story of how he could see right though the facade and the evil behind Criton’s eyes. Then came the graphically chilling story of how Criton escaped person only to kill Eastman’s family. Eastman then told Morgan about wanting to make the man who killed his family suffer. It seems the once prison psychologist did indeed do the very vile thing he told Morgan about earlier in the show, of how. Eastman had a plan to kidnap his family’s killer and keep him in the very cell that was built in the cabin. That was the very reason the cell was there in the first place. To keep this prisoner locked up with the key tossed in the river while the murderer starved to death. By Eastman’s count it only took 47 days.

How does Eastman die. Well, I’ll chalk this death up to being Morgan’s fault. The two humans that Morgan killed at the start of the episode. One of them has turned into a walker and as it attacks a bewildered Morgan, Eastman intervenes only to get bitten. Morgan has caused more indirect deaths then when we had a young Carol on The Walking Dead.

Sure Aikido is great, in that it redirects attacks and enemies. It’s just too bad these pacifist don’t realize, redirecting problems to create a false peace in oneself is only delaying the inevitable, or making those redirections into very dangerous ricochets. Morgan has let the Wolves go once, those same wolves find the photos to Alexandria. So when the Wolves attack the town of Alexandria and one of the very same Wolves encountered before, is once again let go by Morgan. That action alone almost cost Rick his life, since the Wolves member Morgan let go picked up a gun that he shot at Rick later. Liabilities that are all caused by Morgan’s new passive Aikido ways. Is Morgan the most danger to our group. I think so! Even that poor goat Tabitha ends up walker food due to Eastman’s and Morgan arguing. RIP Tabitha. That goats has more fans in one day on Twitter now than Lori will ever have.

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Things are going to get much worse before they get any better if Morgan doesn’t wise up. That is not the case though, as the episode ends and once again we are brought back to present time and who Morgan was talking to at the onset of the show. Of course it is the other Wolves member encountered by Morgan twice now. He let him live and now he has told this vile man his full story. The Wolves member knows what Morgan is trying to do with this attempt at ‘rehabilitation’ of sorts, but Morgan should really head the warning of this hopeless man turned wild animal. The Wolves only get that W branded onto their heads by earning it. So when the psychopath tells the newly converted pacifist Morgan that he “will kill EVERYBODY” in Alexandria, Morgan better wise the f%^* up!! Wolves are NOT to be kept locked up in basement hidden in a peaceful little town.


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