Justice League the Animated Series has Been Confirmed!


Reports (via; toonzone.net) have surfaced, of confirmations, of an all new Justice League animated series from Warner Brothers Studios. After the sighting of a promo poster at the Burbank Studios has led to rampant rumors on the inter-web chat rooms.

This led to questions from fans that ended up getting replied to by Cartoon Network Canada, who responded to a fan question on their Facebook page with (via; toonzone.net): “We will be premiering a new Justice League series, but not likely until next Fall.”

That confirmed that the promo poster was indeed viable and the release date to be rumored around fall of 2016.


The last time fans got to enjoy the Justice League animated series on TV was back in 2006 with Justice League Unlimited. The successful series had a long run on TV, and now had enjoyed a lengthy stay on Netflix along with the original series Justice League. One thing DC Studios is known for is their animated greatness so I’m pretty exited to hear this fantastic news.

The news of the new Justice League animated series happens to also coincide with the launch of Zack Snyder’s DC Studios movie. A DC film universe which will be including Batman Vs. Superman next March, Suicide Squad next August, followed by Wonder Woman and the Justice League Part 1 film. Not to forget plans for Aquaman and possibly more Batman films as well.

The promo poster also seems to spotlight Firestorm who’s on the Arrow and Flash WB shows.   Legends of Tomorrow’s Hawkgirl is also seen and possibly a Supergirl type figure is also spotted. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are surely a given.


For now let’s just be happy with more DC Animated awesomeness in the future! I’ll still keep on enjoying the classics via streaming services or on DVD.



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