Star Wars Takes to the Air with ANA and Themed Planes

Star-WarsStar Wars continues to take the world by storm and it may just be the most over advertised franchise in the world, but I don’t see too many complaints about it.ana2The newest Star Wars advertising announcements came from Japan’s largest airline, ANA. Their latests announcement is that there will be two more planes emblazoned with Star Wars characters to go with their previously announced Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner wearing the picture of the loved and recognized R2-D2 which is due hit it’s route between Tokyo and Vancouver on October 18th as flight NH116.anaANA will have a Boeing 777-300ER bearing the likeness of BB-8, the newest droid in the Star Wars family who will be making his big screen debut in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December.

The other plane will be a 767-300 and will be carrying both the BB-8 and the well known R2-D2 on it’s exterior. The BB-8 & R2-D767 plane is set to hit domestic Japanese Routes in November and the BB—8 Jet will join International routes in March 2016.ana1Star Wars fans not only get to see some of their favorite characters on the exterior of the planes, but also inside. Part of the five year promotional listening agreement with the Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. also include decorative accessories such as headrest covers, paper napkins and disposable cups all featuring Star Wars characters.ana3This agreement also means that ANA will be the only airline that can offer all six of the released Star Wars movies as part of the in-flight entertainment.
For more information on the planes scheduled routes keep an eye on the ANA website.



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