A Tearful and Emotional Sendoff for John Stewart of The Daily Show!


John Stewart’s former colleagues from 16 years of Daily Show comedic actors come back to help John send off for the final time as host. Everyone from Rob Riggle, Olivia Munn, Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Mo Rocca, Gitmo and so many more! It was quite the impressive display of what John has been able to do on the Daily Show over 16 years with so much talent around him.

Even some quick jabs from rivals Craig Kilborn and even political rival from Bill O’Reilly
to even Senator John McCain and Kerry.

It was an amazing show of what The Daily Show truly stood for, spectacular comedy from some of the most amazing entertaining talents to ever grace The Daily Show screen. John Stewart is the most gracious talent to work with as all his Daily Show family came to honor the man who made them all, on his final episode.


As Stewart tried to squirm away as Stephen Colbert did an off-script farewell that had one message from the entire crew of Daily Show comedians….that was to give John Stewart a final “Thank You” as the ENTIRE comedic crew came out and joined John in one giant emotional bear hug.

One of the surprising trending topics of the night was the “Bullshit” speech that John gave to the fans. As Stewart puts it “Bullshit is everywhere…….if we smell it…..we should say something about it”

In the end John did not want a big send off with all the attention to himself. The Daily Show was “not ending but only on pause” John Stewart said that “its just a pause in the conversation.” So Stewart did not say goodbye or good night rather he left us with a “I’m gonna go get a drink……..and I’m sure I’ll see you guys before the end.”


‘The Boss’ came on stage and thanked John for all he has done and to have “happy and safe travels” and Bruce Springsteen and the EStreet Band ended the show.

John Stewart did take the mic one last time and did give us all one final “Good bye”…….the hypocrite. (Just comedy people…..it’s just comedy) We love you John and your Daily Show will be sorely missed.


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