Jamie Lee Curtis Joins the Cosplaying Ranks at EVO

jamie lee 3Being famous means that you can’t just run to the store for milk or pop into the local theater for a matinee because the odds are you will be recognized. And unless you have a full contingent of bodyguards, you really don’t want to risk going to a big crowded event for fear of being mobbed.

This is where some famous people are finding out how awesome Cosplay can be. They get to mingle with regular people and not be recognized. Famous people get to shop and browse to their heart’s content without getting mobbed by hundreds of adoring fans. In fact, they encounter no more than the standard cosplayer who is asked to post for pictures.jamie lee 2One of the most common places for them to go in disguise is to SDCC and past names have included Daniel Radcliffe, Peter Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Adam Savage, Maisie Williams, Audrina Patridge, and Jack Black.

Now the Queen of Scream has followed in their footsteps.

jamie leeJamie Lee Curtis is the newest addition to the cosplay world. Her and her family went to the Evolutionary Champion Series (EVO) dressed as gaming characters. This trip was a graduation present for her son.

Jamie Lee dressed as Vega while her husband Christopher guest went as Dr. Bosconovitch from Tekken. Jamie’s son, Thomas, was dressed as Dee Jay from Streetfighter and her sister Kelly as Mokoto.

I love the fact that even though they could afford to go higher end, they went dressed in cosplay outfits that were relatively simple and that everyone of us could easily have done. This meant they blended right in and noone really noticed them.jamie lee 3