Heavy Metal is Bringing Roche Limit to the Big Screen

roche limit1Last week we told you how the Iconic Punk Culture Magazine Heavy Metal was getting revitalized. Well now we are going to bring you some more information on how they are doing it.

One of the many ways they are giving to life to the magazine is by expanding into movies. They plan to take some of the edgier comics and covert them. One of the latest announcements is to bring Roche Limit to the big screen.roche limit 2

Roche Limit was initially a five-issue comic that was published in 2014 by Image comics. It was written by Michael Moreci and illustrated by Vic Malhotra and is about Limit, a space colony that sits on the cusp of a space anomaly and is run by a myriad of criminal elements. Seth Sherwood, the writer behind Leatherface has already been contracted to write the screenplay.

The comic is in the middle of its second series and Moreci has plans for a third series, however the movie will follow the plot of the original story. The first storyline follows a young womans fight through the criminal underworld as she struggles to find her missing sister.roche limit 3

We don’t have a release date yet, but as soon as we get one we will update you, so stay tuned.