7-Year-Old Comic Author Wins Big on Self-Esteem!

moxie 4People are constantly ridiculed for being too fat or too thin, too tall or short, for having too many freckles, or for having a different skin color. Because of this ridicule people learn to hate what they see in the mirror and unfortunately children learn from the adults.

A major problem facing children all across America is a strong dislike for what they see in the mirror. You constantly see stories in the news about a youth that has committed suicide or has taken revenge on those that mocked them. Our society has become one that judges people based on their appearances more than their abilities.

One 7-year-old girl, Natalie McGrif, had learned to hate her appearance and most of all her hair. With the help of her mother she overcame that hate and learned to love her hair.

Natalie wrote a comic book called “The Adventures of Moxie Girl,” a comic that was based around a young black girl that conquered her own self-esteem issues and save Jacksonville, FL public libraries from book eating monsters.

Natalie’s mother, Angie Nixon, helped and encouraged her daughter to write the comic as a way to conquer the self-esteem issues and to help with Natalie’s reading, “She now realizes how powerful and awesome her hair is and that in order for her to write a cool book, she needs to read more books and learn different words.”

The story is designed to build confidence in young black girls while encouraging reading.moxie3

The hero of the comic is a young girl named Moxie who hated her naturally curly hair until one day her godmother gives her some magic shampoo. The shampoo gives her afro puffs superpowers that allow her to save Jacksonville public libraries before they are eaten by monsters.

The comic was presented at One Spark, a large crowd funding festival that is designed for creators so they can, hopefully, raise the funds to bring their ideas to life. Her idea was the winner of One Spark’s Education category which had over 500 project submissions. ‘The adventures of Moxie Girl’ was a hit and managed to take home the win and over $16,000.

Plans are to have the book out by August, but that doesn’t mean that Natalie has stopped writing. According to her Facebook account she is looking at ‘The Adventures of Moxie Boy’moxie1

Natalie’s mom says that she hopes the book will empower girls of color.

“We want girls of color to know they’re awesome, that they have moxie and that they’re young queens who should be proud of who they are and who they represent,” Nixon said. “Love yourselves, love your hair, your skin color. You’re beautiful and awesome.”

Moxie Girl is so popular that she has already has fan art

moxie by dan sousa
Drawn by Dan Sousa
moxie2 byMichael Tyler
Drawn by Michael Tyler

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