Devil’s Due And 1First Comics Merge! The Newly Formed – Devil’s Due / 1First Comics!

Devil’s Due / 1First Comics

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About 2 1/2 years ago the first title from the new Devil’s Due Publishing debuted (Yumiko: Curse of the Merch-Girl), then DDP nearly fell into oblivion in 2009. Since then Devil’s Due  has grown at a rapid pace to have one of the best, most diverse groups of indie comics on the market. Now we’re taking another step in our evolution, not just continuing, but increasing our momentum, with the formation of Devil’s Due / 1First Comics. We’re instantly bringing 1First back to comic shops, and with our new partnership, Devil’s Due is immediately restored to its former level of clout in Hollywood. Now it’s time to propel us all collectively to levels not yet achieved. This sets us on the course to not only continue to correct the issues of the past, but to continue making the new Devil’s Due Entertainment the best yet! – Josh Blaylock Facebook post



Titles coming out from 1First Comics

The Badger

Badger, created by Mike Baron, Is one of the first new comic series launched by the new company formed from the merger of 1First Comics and Devil’s Due Entertainment

The first issue will feature cover art by Paul Pope.  Interior art is by Jim Fern with colors by Paul Mounts. The second issue of the new series will feature art by Tony Akins; issues #3-#5 will have art by Val Mayerik

Originally published by Capital Comics (1983) Badger was then later resurrected by 1First Comics, Dark Horse, Image, and IDW, which released four trade paperbacks collecting issues #1-#23 of the original series in 2007 and 2008.



Red Riding Hood With A Katana – A New Werewolf Comic From Devil’s Due/1First – Red Riding Hood by Orlando Harding and Andres Esparza and coming out monthly from October.



Cadaver Dogs Of Winter, From The Fillbach Brothers For Devil’s Due/1First Comics. Known for their work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars comics..



Tales of Mr Rhee, An enigmatic, gruff looking magician who identifies himself only as Mr. Rhee.



Mercy Sparx, previously of Devil’s Due, with new artist Hoyt Silva. Mercy Sparx, a Devil Girl always ready for a good time.


Coming back to print in collected form under the new publishing banner. Squarriors the epic animal warrior saga by Ashley M. Witter and Ash Mazcko. Also the solid hit Solitary, Written by C. W. Cooke. Art by Nando Souzamotta and Greg & Fake Studio. Cover by Carl Yonder. A take on prison life…..only this prison is filled with super villains

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More into to come once available from the new Devil’s Due / 1First Comics



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