Equality For All as Supreme Court Makes Landmark Ruling: Same Sex Marriage Legal!


Equality for all is the cry! In a landmark ruling and with just a narrow 5 to 4 vote, the Supreme Court of the United Stated of America has taken a huge leap forward in human rights. Same sex marriage is now LEGAL throughout this great nation of ours. No doubt the ruling will come with massive support or resentment depending which side of the fence your stance has been on this topic.

The entertainment and pop culture world have already proven a strong voice on the issue since the mid 90’s when TV shows finally broke the barrier and stigma of gays in the public eye. Thanks to pioneers like Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John and so many more including even Madonna, who courageously fought for equal rights for so long.


Fourteen states currently ban gay marriages, but as of today the ban is lifted and all states are now REQUIRED to issue marriage licenses, no matter the sex, thanks to their new constitutional right.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, Was key in providing the swing vote, and also writing the majority opinion. The court said the gay marriage ban served to “disrespect and subordinate them.” The justices added the ban was a “grave and continuing harm.”

Future presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, quickly showed support, by tweeting the following,

“Proud to celebrate a historic victory for marriage equality — & the courage and determination of LGBT Americans who made it possible”



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