Why is Fallout 4 Video Game So Popular?

falloutFallout 4 is the most highly anticipated game in the Fallout series and possibly even of the year. Yes, the new real-life ‘Pip-Boy’ has gamers drooling, but that isn’t what makes it stand out from the other games.

What makes it so popular is the customization features. You can do almost anything when it comes to customization.

You start by selecting parts of your face and then you begin sculpting them. Bethesda’s dynamic Creation Engine is the same one they used to create the NPC’s. You no longer use sliders, as many of the other games do, you simply touch and adjust as you want. The advanced customization features seem so detailed that you can probably create your own virtual self, or at least your ideal self.fallout custom

The best part is that you aren’t restricted to just a male form, you also play the female half of the couple and adjust her appearance as easily as the male. Just remember, whoever you are when you leave the menu is who you play the game as.fallout custom1The new and improved customization features go well beyond simple character creation. You can practically customize your environment.

Crafting and building are now major components of the game, allowing you to rebuild and redesign your settlement to your specifications. Almost any item in the game can now be scrapped down to base components and used to build something else.fallout custom2Even the weapons in Fallout 4 are fully customizable. There are currently over 50 base weapons to choose from and at least 700 modifications you can do to those weapons using everyday components found elsewhere in the game.fallout custom3Thanks to these new customization features it is virtually impossible for any two players to have the exact same game experience.

This game will be the best one yet, unfortunately it’s not available until November 10th, but you can pre-order it.


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