Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker) Leads Police On High Speed Chase!! Star Wars Pod-Racer Style!


Jake Lloyd, the actor who played Anakin Skywalker at age 8, in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, was arrested last Wednesday in South Carolina. The 26-year-old actor lead police on a high-speed ‘Boonta Eve Classic’ type chase for 25 miles before he crashed off a side road on Interstate 95, like a busted up pod-racer.



This time “Annie” didn’t need Sebulba or Tusken Raider snipers to run him off the race path. Colleton County Sheriff’s Sgt. Kyle Strickland told NBC News that Lloyd was not intoxicated at the time of his arrest. The former child star told officers his name was Jake Broadbent, and was charged with failing to stop for officers, resisting arrest, reckless driving and driving without a license.


Times must not be good for the ex-child star. As of Sunday, Lloyd had not posted bond and remained in jail.

Lloyd rose to fame at a very young age thanks in part to his highly criticized performance as Anakin Skywalker in the first prequel movie. As the annoying younger version of the Empire’s most feared villain Darth Vader, Jake Lloyd has never been embraced by the fans. The following years were not so good for the child star.

“My entire school life was really a living hell,” Lloyd explained in a 2012 interview.


Lloyd, last appeared onscreen in the 2005 film Madison. A representative for the Colleton County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the arrest to EW.


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