Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Pre-Sales Already Sold Out

pipboy1One of the most anticipated games this year is Fallout 4, which is slated to be released on November 10th. The Fallout series is already very popular, but this release has gamers salivating for one very special reason.

In Fallout, your character has something called a ‘Pip-boy’, which is a gadget worn on the wrist that gives you a heads-up display. The display gives you all the relevant information you need for the game such as stats, maps and a list of items you are carrying.

Bethesda took the display one step further and gave gamers a real-life ‘Pip-boy’ which will work with the game as a second screen. This will be the best $119 you can ever spend!!


The Pip-Boy is important part of Fallout, and we love it so much that we made a real one,” Bethesda Game Studios’ game director, Todd Howard, said at Bethesda’s press conference. “Yes, you can put your phone in it, and yes, we made an app for it so it works with the game, and yes it’s a second screen experience. Usually I find second-screen experiences to be stupid gimmicks, but as far as stupid gimmicks goes, this is the best f—–g one I’ve ever seen.”

The real ‘Pip-Boy’ will work with your iOS or Android phone (sorry Windows, no word on you yet) and will work on any platform that utilizes a Wi-Fi connection. Which means that anything you do on your real ‘Pip-Boy’ will have the same effect as if you had done it on the virtual one.

The ‘Pip-Boy’ will ship out with the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition. Unfortunately the special edition has already sold out at most retailers that do pre-orders. There are a few available, but they are hard to come by and when I did a quick search I couldn’t find any legitimate on-line retailers that still had it.

Many gamers are upset that it sold out before they even had a chance to look at it. One of the big issues seems to be poachers, those P-I-T-A scammers who saw the rush and bought as many as they could in the hopes that they could resell theirs at a jacked up price.pipboy

Luckily the game developers are aware of the issue and according to Bethesda VP, Pete Hines, they are looking to amend the shortage issue and fight the scammers. The developer has already spoken to several retailers who will look more closely at multiple orders.

It’s looking like Bethesda is also thinking of releasing more for pre-order as a way to counter the demand. Maybe they will set up a second ship wave for a slightly different version of the ‘Pip-Boy’.

Personally, I think I will wait until the game is actually in stores before I look at getting it. As for the ‘Pip-Boy,’ until they have a Windows compatible version, I’m not even going to look at it. It doesn’t come out until November 4, so maybe I’ll even put it on my Christmas list.