Get Your First Look at AMC’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead’


We are counting down the days as we anxiously await AMC’s The Walking Dead companion show, Fear The Walking Dead.  While we saw The Walking Dead‘s fanbase steadily rise in correlation to Daryl’s growing locks of hair, it became no surprise when the hit show signed on more seasons along with the announcement of the new series that will take place in Los Angeles.

The show is set at a time for viewers to find out what happened when the outbreak first began (except in a different location).  The characters are set on the other side of the continent and here we have a chance to see the first look at what is to come.


Frank Dilane stars in the show as Nick.  He is seen in the promo on the run trying to escape whatever it is that might be after him.  From viewing the original series, we cannot really say from WHO or WHAT he may be running from, but it is terrifying enough that he managed to only get half dressed hiking up his pants at one moment.

Check out the promo and tell us what you think in the comments below!  We can’t wait for August!



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