Nintendo Spotlight at #E32015 Videos, Trailers and Breaking News!!


Nintendo has entered the building and they are not leaving the gaming world any time soon. Here is a run down of all the awesomeness that Nintendo has to offer to gaming world. There is Mario Maker Wii U, Zelda 3DS games, Metroid 3DS game, Star Fox Zero Wii U and many many more!!!

Nintendo News:

Be amongst the first to play upcoming games from independent developers during the [email protected] program on Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

– Nintendo – Let’s Super Mario! Let’s ALL be Mario by: Nintendo!!

– Nindies: For a limited time only, the [email protected] program lets people download free demos of nine Nindie games from the Nintendo eShop on Wii U between now and 8:59 a.m. PT on June 22. Best of all, once the full games launch, players get 15 percent off the price of each respective participating game they demo for up to one month after the full game launches. Note that the same Nintendo Network ID must be linked to the Wii U system and Nintendo eShop account prior to the download in order to be eligible for the offer.


Nintendo Wii U News:


– Star Fox Zero: E3 2015 Trailer

– Super Mario Maker: E3 2015 Trailer

– Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash: E3 2015 Trailer

– Skylanders SuperChargers: E3 2015 Trailer

– Xenoblade Chronicles X: E3 2015 Trailer

– Yoshi’s Woolly World: E3 2015 Trailer

– Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water: E3 2015 Trailer

– Genei Ibun Roku #FE: E3 2015 Trailer

– Earthbound Beginnings: E3 2015 Trailer

Nintendo 3DS News:

– Hyrule Warriors Legends: E3 2015 Trailer

– Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam E3 2015 Trailer

– The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes: E3 2015 Trailer

– Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: E3 2015 Trailer

– Fire Emblem Fates: E3 2015 Trailer

– Metroid Prime: Federation Force: E3 2015 Trailer

 Nintendo Digital Event @ E3 2015




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