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Former Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Set For Her Directorial Debut

The Space Between

“Go, go, power ranger!”  Though she only spent five years as the pink ranger from the TV series and subsequent films from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Amy Jo Johnson has continued to make a name for herself.  Her latest gig is as writer, director, and co-star of a new theatrical comedy titled, “The Space Between.”

The story is of high school sweethearts now in their 40’s wanting to have a child.  When a proud new father learns his wife took his infidelity into her own hands with a 19-year old university student, he sets out on a hilarious and heartfelt journey to find the biological baby-daddy.  Filled with a quirky cast of supporting characters, The Space Between is a film about acceptance, family, love… and a few dirty diapers.  A seven minute prequel to the film called “Shooting Blanks” has already been made available for viewing…

In the following video, we see Amy Jo on set of the prequel and her campaign on Indiegogo, which she and her team surpassed their goal for funding of the project.

The Space Between is currently in pre=production, with filming slated to begin in July 2015.  For updates as to the progress of filming, be sure to follow Amy Jo Johnson on Facebook.  As further news breaks, stick with PopCultHQ for the latest and greatest!

Jason Bennett
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