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XBox One
XBox One

Here’s a look at PopcutlHQ’s E3 XBox One coverage! From trailers, announcements and news of the hottest products featured by Microsoft XBox One. Let’s get the big news out the way first….

…….’no, not Master Chief just yet’…..

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First we have the great news that XBox One will now be backwards compatible with older XBox 360 games!! Read more about that here: XBox One will have backward compatibility

Next, is the announcement that XBox One has been priced dropped and is now only $350.00!! Next Gen gaming is finally getting cheap enough that will allow more gamers to join in on the fun. So before we get to the trailers….

….’no….Halo yet…..Master Chief is later hold on’!!……..

Let’s take a look at what XBox One has in store for the fans with a look ahead…..with a tease of Gears of War!!

…….THEN we can get into some Master Chief…..ok……

XBox One

– Look Ahead XBOX ONE:

– Halo 5 Guardians Campaign trailer: Halo 5 E3 Campaign Demo. XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE. Revealed at E3 2015, this Halo 5 Guardians campaign debut shows Spartan Locke and Fireteam Osiris in the mission “Battle of Sunaion,” as they pursue the Master Chief and Blue Team on the planet Sanghelios. The campaign in Halo 5: Guardians will feature seamless drop-in/out online cooperative gameplay on dedicated servers, enormous, complex levels designed to support more enemies and bigger firefights, enhanced immersive audio and sound, sophisticated teammate AI, and much more, all at 60 fps. Halo 5 Guardians is available October 27, 2015.

– Gear of War: Gears of War 4 XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE. Live from E3, the world premiere gameplay preview of the upcoming Gears of War 4. A new saga begins, coming Holiday 2016.

– Mad Max: Watch now! Play as Mad Max, a lone warrior who embarks on a dangerous journey after his Interceptor is stolen by a deadly gang of marauders lead by the warlord, Scabrous Scrotus.

– Halo 5: Warzone Trailer: XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE. Revealed at E3, this all new multiplayer mode is a brand-new multiplayer experience more ambitious than anything ever introduced in Halo, combining the best elements of Halo gameplay into one, gigantic multiplayer mode. Available October 27, 2015 in Halo 5: Guardians.

– Tomb Raider: RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER E3 GAMEPLAY TRAILER. XBOX EXCLUSIVE | HOLIDAY 2015. Witness Lara Croft begin the journey to becoming the Tomb Raider and discover the legend within.

– Rock Band: Coming October 6 to Xbox One. Trailer song: “Violent Shiver” by Benjamin Booker

– Forza Motorsport 6: Turn 10 Studios experience unrelenting action in the most beautiful and comprehensive racing game of this generation, available exclusively on Xbox One beginning September 15th, 2015. Collect, customize, and race over 450 Forzavista cars, all with working cockpits, opening doors and full damage, including the all-new Ford GT. Compete in epic 24-player races across 26 world-famous locales. Master wet weather and night racing on your road to victory.

– Fables Legends: Fable Legends is the next adventure in the genre-defining Fable series. Play for free and experience cross-device multiplayer on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

– ReCore Exclusive XBox One Game announcement: Presenting ReCore an XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE from the legendary creator Keiji Inafune and the makers of Metroid Prime. As one of the last remaining humans, forge friendships with courageous robot companions and lead them on an epic adventure through a mysterious, dynamic world.

– “Space Station 13” “ION”: From the creator of “DayZ” and inspired by the cult favourite “Space Station 13”; “ION” is an emergent narrative massively-multiplayer online game in which players will build, live in and inevitably die in huge floating galactic constructions as humanity makes its first steps colonizing the universe. Technology from Improbable allows ION to have a massive interconnected universe with fully simulated environments such as power grids, air pressure and heat; all to help stave off the unending vacuum of space. First on PC and Xbox One Game Preview Program.

– Quantum Rush: Champions Announce Trailer: Get ready to fight challenging AI pilots in a mind-blowing supersonic race across gigantic tracks set on earth and in space!

– Xbox Elite Wireless Controller: Get pro-level precision with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, featuring an arsenal of swappable components, Hair Trigger Locks, and limitless customization. Choose from a variety of thumbsticks, D-pads, and paddles for a tailored feel that provides game-changing accuracy and speed.

– DescriptionXbox: is home to the best, most creative and innovative games coming from Independent gamers.

– Zenith: A humor-based fantasy action RPG. Join Argus Windell as he struggles through the usual adventure… in an unusual way.

– Life Is Strange: The Life is Strange E3 trailer tells the story of the first 3 episodes of the five part episodic game about Max Caulfield the highschool senior who can rewind time.

XBox love
XBox love
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