First Look at Fallout 4 from #E32015 – Videos, Screenshots, and Release Date!


At E3 2015, we can expect all the heavyweights (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) to blow our minds with their upcoming releases.  One of the first to be announced is the highly-anticipated, and long overdue, Fallout 4.  Be sure to mark November 10th on your calendar, as that will be day of release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms.

Todd Howard, executive producer of the game, spoke with a packed audience at E3 yesterday about their apocalyptic offering.  Describing the game itself, Howard professed, “This is a far more personal Fallout, with your hero given a voice, a dog to keep you company, and quite tragically, a wife and child to lose after the bomb lands.”

In the game, you can select from a wide range of apparel choices and there are hundreds of possibilities to modify your weapons.  The customizations seem endless.  You can even build your own buildings, come across jetpacks, ride around in helicopters, and even have some 8-bit fun on your Pip-Boy, recreating some of the classic games from the early 80s.  The team at Fallout 4 truly wants you to know that the impetus behind this series of games is for the player to be able to make more choices than ever.

F4 pic

Also being made available is a collector’s edition (Approx. $119.99) which includes a functional “Pip-Boy,” along with a manual, a poster, and a metal case.  The wearable sleeve has a slot to insert your smartphone, access the game’s app, and expect to get a real second-screen experience.  From the looks of the following preview, how could you not want to purchase this edition?

Take a look at Bethesda‘s announcement from E3 2015 including a gameplay walkthrough and background:

We also have some sweet screenshots of the game for you.  What do you think of these?

If you just can’t wait until November 10th, you can download Bethesda’s must have new game Fallout Shelter.  Here’s a little teaser of what to expect…

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