Devil’s Due Publishing: Squarriors Issue #3 Is Coming July 29th!


There Is not a hotter book on the market right now then Team Ash’s Squarriors! With all printings selling like hot cakes and a second series confirmed on order from DDP. Squarriors is the addictive new comic series which has all fans going Squarrior-mad-crazy!! Squarriors issue #3 is coming July 29th and PopcultHQ got an exclusive sneak peek of the issue.  What we are calling this year’s hottest new comic book, Squarriors!

Squarriors Comic Review by: PopcultHQ

While not much can be revealed at this moment, as to not spoil a single thing for fans of the series. I can tell you the one main theme of issue #3, is BETRAYAL!

The “Tin Kin” clan must continue to find their ways to survive in the harsh environment that dwindles their numbers and against the always dangerous “Maw” clan. Although the most dangerous enemy yet, might just come from within the “Tin Kin’s” very own ranks. Who, What and Where are all brought to the forefront while reading this captivating issue. Just when we are really getting to know all the creatures in the series….maybe they don’t even know each other as well as they thought.

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Another great writing job by Ash Maczko in issue #3, and of course Ashley M. Witter (TeamAsh) just brings these awesome warrior creatures to life each and every issue. One of the most talented artists in the business keeps bringing spectacular images of beauty into a very wild, brutal world. Get your issue of Squarriors #3 when it hits comic shelves on July 29th! If Squarriors is not in your local shop, you better get on them to start placing orders now!!


Squarriors #1 sketch cover - order now via your comic book shop
Squarriors #1 sketch cover – order now via your comic book shop
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