All You Need To Know From Bethesda #E32015 Premier of the Upcoming DOOM with Trailers!


Yesterday, on June 14th Bethesda revealed an extended game play trailer for the newest version of the upcoming first person shooter Doom.


We were given two single-player demos that showcased weapons and enemies. We were also shown a multi-player trailer and told that we will have the ability to customize games and maps with an editor called Snapmap.

The game play videos gave us everything we expected from the id Software game and more.

The graphics are reminiscent of Doom 3, but the game itself seem to be less horror based and more geared towards action. There also doesn’t seem to a storyline like Doom 3 had. You have the same feeling of the original with higher graphics. This is a fast paced action game where your fire fights can be against groups or single enemies, you never know what is coming up next as they can teleport in at any time and any where.


You are shown many of the classic weapons such as the shotgun, super shotgun, plasma rifle, and my favorite, the chainsaw. One different feature is that a selection wheel appears when you want to change weapons and game play slows down as you switch between weapons. You’ve been able to punch the enemies, but now you have a super powered gauntlet that lets you rip, tear and dismantle the aliens. It may not deliver as much damage, but the satisfaction you feel as you feed the enemy chucks of his own flesh is exhilarating.

Unfortunately, as the trailer shows us, you can also suffer similar fate when the aliens get hold of you and rip your arms off before they finish you.

doomThe multi-player version promises us the same fast action combat, in classic multi-player games such as freeze tag, domination and clan arena. We are promised a myriad of arenas that range from Mars facilities to the depths of hell.

Perhaps the best part of preview was Snapmap, a built-in game designer that lets you customize maps and create a game of your own in any style you desire. The possibilities seem endless. You can keep your designs to play with just your friends, or you can release it to the public.


As great as this game looks, we still have to wait it won’t be released to Xbox One, Playstation 4 or PC until the second quarter of 2016.doom2