#E32015 A Gamer Dream Comes True as Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Will Have Backward Compatibility


There has been much hesitance for many Xbox 360 gamers to move to the most recent gen released by Microsoft, the Xbox One, but after Microsoft’s most recent announcement, that might all change.

100 titles (popular ones such as Gears of War and Borderlands) that have been released for Xbox 360 will be made playable for Xbox One users later this fall.  Gamers who are a part of the preview program will be able to start testing the compatibility starting today.  Microsoft, according to their website, promises that hundreds of titles will be continually added every month.

“Now you can play a growing number of your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One at no additional cost. With over 100 titles slated for this fall, and hundreds more added every month, Xbox One is now the best place to play your Xbox 360 games. Experience the greatest games lineup in Xbox history—exclusively on Xbox One.”

A demonstration was made at E3 with the popular title Mass Effect.  If the game was purchased online, it becomes accessible on Xbox One.  All players need to do is download the game to their Xbox One and it is ready to play.  If players have their Xbox 360 discs, the discs can be inserted to the Xbox One allowing the Xbox One to download the game and make it playable.

Along with backward compatibility attribute, Microsoft has also included other new features such as the Game DVR which allows gamers to take screenshots and stream their games.  In addition, the update will allow gamers to transfer their cloud game saves, Gamerscore, and achievements to the Xbox One.

The only thing stand between Xbox One console owners and their precious Xbox 360 games is the approval from developers to make the games available for the latest gen system.

Will this convince you to be a current gen player on the Xbox One?  Check out Microsoft’s line up of videos and trailers for E3 and let us know what you think in the comments below!